Student at Yabatech drinks insecticides over breakup with boyfriend

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Unknown student from the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos allegedly drank insecticide when her lover dumped her.

Reasons why I don’t support teenage affairs, according to another user named jummaidadiva.

More justification for why I don’t support teenage love at all, Mr. Mor wrote. It frequently begins with such joy, seems amazing, and becomes depressing.

Regardless matter what transpired, I guess this is out of the ordinary, Israelinnocent stated. Normal ND 1. Such a life! There was a commotion in the school’s female dormitories following the viral video that was published on Tuesday.

Why will you drink sniper because of Adam? asked the voice in the background of the video. Because of Adam, you go drink sniper? Sniper was transported to the hospital after being taken by someone.

In response to the video, Instagram user 9igel wrote: “Times are harsh, we need greater emotional intelligence.” This is how we spend our lives when we don’t know what they’re for, Fitmyke said.

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