APC chief reacts to Abuja pastor storming church with AK-47 Rifle 

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All Progressives Congress (APC) leader Adamu Garba responded to the viral images of an Abuja pastor who mounted the altar of his church on Sunday while carrying an AK-47 rifle.
According to earlier reports, Pastor Uche Aigbe, the presiding pastor of the House on the Rock chapter in Abuja, made a scene yesterday by walking into the church brandishing a gun.

According to information obtained, the incident took place during the second service of the church, which frequently draws a sizable congregation from throughout the Federal Capital Territory.

In response to the development, which elicited conflicting responses, Adamu Garba questioned the cleric’s motivations via his Twitter account.

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The former candidate for president referred to Pastor Aigbe’s action as “terrorism on the alter” and urged security agencies to take immediate action.
At the altar, terrorism! You ponder what drives him aside from pure terrorism. The APC leader tweeted that security agencies needed to move quickly.

Some Individuals Are Searching For My Problem
Pastor Aigbe reportedly claimed that some people are looking for his trouble and that he has come prepared for them after unsettling his congregation on Sunday after taking the pulpit.

Some individuals are seeking my trouble. And I arrived here ready to say, “Today, there are some pastors who have the gift of divination, and they go around ripping people off. For self-defense, we should always carry our “guns.” The cleric reportedly said as he attempted to open his Bible to start preaching, “I will especially be coming very soon for some of you sleeping in the church.

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He continued to preach on “Guarding your hearts from false teachers” and “faith without work is dead,” according to reports, as the entire crowd burst out laughing at his response.

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