Four dead, many injured in two fatal crashes at Sango-Otta Tollgate

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Within a twenty-four-hour period, there were two separate crashes at the Tollgate axis of the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway that resulted in the deaths of four people and the serious injuries of three more.

The first collision happened on Tuesday at around 8:41 p.m., when a Dangote truck with the registration number KNN788YA traveling toward Lagos and suspected of having a failed brake rammed into several lockup shops at the tollgate, injuring five additional people, including four females and a male.

The remaining two female victims suffered serious injuries, while the male victim and two of the female victims died instantly. The bodies of the deceased were placed in the morgue of the same hospital, while the two injured victims were rushed to the State Hospital, Ota.

On Wednesday morning at around 9.50 am, a DAF BLUE TRUCK with the license plate KTG942YG, a BOXER LOW-BED TRUCK with the license plate AAB509XZ, and a motorcycle were involved in another collision at the same tollgate.

The motorcycle rider was traveling against traffic when he struck one of the trucks, impacting the second truck that was following it, according to another report on the crash provided by the Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps’ TRACE.

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While another passenger in one of the trucks was severely injured, the motorcycle rider passed away instantly.

The wounded were transported to the Ota General Hospital, where the deceased’s corpse had already been placed.
The Public Relations Officer for TRC, Mr. Babatunde Akinbiyi, confirmed the incident and said the driver of the truck with the license plate KNN 788 YA “lost control of the truck due to reckless driving and brake failure and it rammed into shops, killing three people and injuring two others.”

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