Message From Simon Ekpa To Igbos Remaining In Lagos

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Simon Ekpa, the self-declared factional leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has criticized those who have urged him to travel to Nigeria rather than remain in Finland and discuss events there.
Ekpa, who was detained and questioned by the Finnish police in February 2023 regarding alleged plans to impose a “sit at home” during the recently concluded elections, is quoted by Naija News as saying that Igbos living in Lagos should not tell him to return to Nigeria.

Ekpa asserts that he is more at home than those in Lagos State and that challenging him to leave Lagos is the definition of confusion.

Staying in Lagos as a Biafran and urging me to return home, he declared, “is the definition of confusion.” You are not as at home as I am. You are unable to travel to your village from Lagos.

Reasons for Simon Ekpa’s Arrest and Release
The reason Simon Ekpa was detained and later released has been made public by the Finnish police.

According to Premium Times, the Finnish embassy in Nigeria made a formal announcement announcing that Ekpa had been detained as a result of an investigation by Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation into a possible money-collection offense.


The National Bureau of Investigation has launched a criminal investigation into an alleged money collection offense committed by a man residing in Lahti, according to the statement. The suspect was captured yesterday, February 23, in Lahti.

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