Boris Johnson: Nigerians have right to choose their leaders

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He also urged Nigerian politicians to make sure that millions of Nigerians reach their full potential, citing equality of rights and access to education as two essential prerequisites.

Johnson delivered the keynote address at the Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe annual lecture series’ 16th meeting in Lagos under the title “Rehumanising Human Experience: A Synopsis of Anyiam-Treatises.” Osigwe’s

Although millions of Nigerians have not yet realized their full potential, he noted that politicians must foster an environment where people can achieve their full potential because “not only is it morally correct, it is unquestionably right if we care about human development and giving everyone the chance to express their potential.”

Observing that equality before the law is what made Britain what it is today, the British parliamentarian claimed that if citizens were treated equally before the law, they would realize their full potential.

“Equality under the law is first and foremost important because it is the cornerstone of freedom,” he said. In Britain, regardless of your wealth, you will be subject to the same scrutiny and protection.

“The next great freedom is the ability to pick your own representatives and to oust them from office. Democracy,” the speaker continued.

In order to make London a talent hotspot, he argued for an open society where diversity is tolerated.

Johnson argued that deeper, mutually beneficial ties between Nigeria and Britain would further enable both nations to realize their full potential.

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The time is now, he said. Now is the time for Britain and Nigeria, two powerful democracies, to cooperate in a world that is so uncertain and where some countries are dissolving. Nigeria is a superpower in the field of renewable energy and a producer of both oil and gas. We could cooperate much more.

He suggests that free trade, free speech, and free elections are other areas where cooperation should continue.

Urban successes are built on freedom under the law, he continued, adding that “you need a society that is open and that is tolerant to develop human potentials.”

Johnson claimed Lagos is to Africa what London is to Britain. However, he urged the government of Lagos State to improve its transportation system, noting that being stuck in traffic for a long time can be extremely frustrating.

Instead of traveling to “China or Russia,” he advised the state government to study the British mass transit system.

He claims that the three states with the strongest creative industries are Lagos, London, and Los Angeles. He paid homage to the late Peace Maria Anyiam-Osigwe, CEO of the Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA), for her work in fostering the creative sector in Africa.

The lecture, according to Charles Anyiam-Osigwe, who welcomed dignitaries to the event, “is an adventure within the bounds of the submission of Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe on how we can vastly realise a better world order.” He expresses his various opinions about how the main driving force behind sentient existence is man in this construct. He asserts in his fragments that “man is the center of the universe.” He assesses man’s supremacy as the engine that propels sentient existence and its social order within this framework.

“Man has lost touch with the characteristics and definitions that make him a human being, which is reflected in the existence of poverty and the social unrest that characterize the current world order. Humans lose the insight that comes with their intuitive prowess beyond the ordinary when their mental identity separates from their esoteric being.

Among the dignitaries present were Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the president-elect, who was represented by Otunba Femi Pedro, a former deputy governor of Lagos State, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, who was represented by Obafemi Hamzat, a former secretary-general of the Commonwealth, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, and Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP).

According to Pedro, Tinubu is already putting the pieces in place to lead Nigeria to new heights. Participants and dignitaries who attended the event were urged by him to relax, knowing that Nigeria is in capable hands. Tinubu is the pilot of Nigeria’s fantastic journey, said Pedro.

Anyaoku praised Mr. Johnson’s accomplishments in particular for elevating the welfare of the populace to a top priority.

Mr. Johnson, according to him, is a remarkable British politician and leader.

“He has so far left a negative legacy in British politics today. In other words, he (in common parlance) “got Brexit done” because he was the Prime Minister and followed the majority opinion of the British people.

He said, “I think if we were to effectively pursue the theme of this lecture, comprehensive welfare of the people should be the bedrock of policies and actions of politicians and actions throughout the world.”

He urged Nigerians to be patriotic and refrain from disparaging or de-marketing their nation.

In the meantime, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) crisis worsened when a High Court in Makurdi, Benue State, yesterday barred Dr. Iyorchia Ayu from posing as the party’s national chairman.

This came about as a result of an ex-parte application made by Comrade Terhide Utaan, a PDP chieftain, who sought an interim injunction barring Ayu from continuing to pose as the party’s national chairman.

In case MHC/85/ 2023 and motion MHC/633M/2023 between Comrade Utaan, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, and the PDP as respondents, before Justice W. I. Kpochi, the plaintiff requested an order of interim injunction preventing the first defendant, Dr. Ayu, from further misrepresenting himself as the national chairman of the PDP while the motion on notice already filed was being heard and decided.

A 15-paragraph affidavit that included three exhibits labeled A1, A2, and B as annexes supported the application.

The exhibits consist of the applicant’s membership cards from the second defendant (PDP), receipts for dues payments, and the vote of no confidence in the first defendant (Ayu) from his Igyorov council ward in the Gboko local government.

Justice Kpochi postponed the case’s hearing until April 14, 2023.

The court order came after Ayu’s ward suspended him over the weekend for allegedly participating in anti-party activities.

Ayu asserted that only the National Executive Committee (NEC) could impose such a measure and that his suspension was therefore null and void.

Ayu alleged that some party executive committee members in Makurdi, whom he referred to as political gamblers, were teleguided by them to cause trouble.

According to a statement made by his Special Adviser on Media and Communications, Simon Imobo-Tswam, “Article 57(7) of the PDP Constitution as amended in 2017 expressly prohibits any organ of the party or executive committee of the party at the Ward or State level from taking any disciplinary action against any member of the party’s National Executive Committee.”

The PDP Executive Committee of Igyorov Council Ward of Gboko Local Government Area in Benue State has passed a vote of no confidence on the PDP National Chairman, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, and suspended him from the party, according to a resolution read by its Secretary for Igyorov, Mr. Banger Dooyum, at the conclusion of the meeting of the party’s Ward level executives.

While reading the ward Exco’s resolution, Mr. Dooyum stated: “He (Ayu) was engaged in anti-party activities, which caused the PDP to lose in his ward and local government along with his allies, who also chose not to participate in the governorship election.”

Ayu was also charged with failing to pay the party’s mandated yearly dues.

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Chief Olabode George, a member of the party’s board of trustees who was alarmed by the development, urged restraint and begged the feuding factions to refrain from taking any actions that would destroy the party.

He claimed that Ayu erred by breaking his promise to resign if the party’s presidential candidate was a northerner and that this was the reason the party lost the presidential election.

On the other hand, he cautioned party members to use the post-election period for rapprochement rather than to completely destroy the party.

Insisting that only the NEC has the authority to suspend or punish Ayu or any other national leader of the party, he urged the residents of Ayu’s ward to adhere to the law.

Governor of Rivers State Nyesom Wike responded by saying that the battle against Ayu has just begun.

The governor declared that it is now impossible to imagine allowing anyone to lead the PDP who was unable to win their political ward, council, or state during the most recent general elections.

At the opening of the renovated Community Secondary School in Okoro-nu-Odo, in the state’s Obio-Akpor Council, yesterday, Wike made this statement.

The catastrophic defeat of the PDP under Ayu’s leadership in his unit, ward, local government, state, and federal levels, according to the governor, makes it morally offensive for him to continue serving as the party’s national chairman.

He claims that Ayu’s suspension marks the start of the battle to keep the party together.

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