48 terrorists, bandits killed,116 people captured

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In the last two weeks, there have been a total of 116 criminals arrested while there have been a total of 48 terrorists, bandits, and other criminal elements killed by troops on counter-insurgency operations across the country.

This is due to the fact that 511 terrorists and their families, including women and children, have surrendered to troops, citing heavy bombardment of terrorist enclaves in Sambisa forest by troops of the Armed Forces. These terrorists and their families include women and children.
Musa Danmadami, the Director of Defence Media Operations (DMO), briefed members of the media on Thursday at the Defence Headquarters. He stated that in addition to rescuing 29 hostages and recovering large caches of weapons and ammunition, the troops had also recovered large quantities of weapons and ammunition.

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According to him, one of the people who were rescued includes a Chibok School girl who had been abducted more than a decade ago.

Danmadami, who was briefing the media on the operational activities of the Armed Forces of Nigeria and other security agencies conducted in addressing the various security challenges across the Country between the period of the 4th to 18th May, 2023, disclosed further that, within the same period, 17 AK-47 rifles and large quantities of materials for making improvised explosive devices (IED) were recovered. Danmadami was briefing the media on the activities between the 4th and 18th May, 2023.

According to what he said, “Troops in the North-East zone of the country recovered 17 AK47 rifles, 1 AK49 rifle, 8 SMGs, 15 grenades rifles, 2 pump action guns, 1 LMG, 1 Ma rifle, 4 AA guns, 2 AA barrel, 12 dane guns, 38 AK47 magazines, 2 double barrel guns, 3,896 rounds of.50 inch ammunition, 2,189 rounds of 12.7mm ammunition, 1,475 rounds of

Other items include: 15 RPG tail pins, 275 rounds of 7.62mm special ammunition, 163 rounds of 7.62mm NATO ammunition, 440 rounds of 7.62 x 54mm ammo, 364 rounds of 7.62 x 50mm NATO ammunition, 234 rounds of AK49 ammunition, 1 G3 skeletal weapon, 2 AK47 working parts, 2 mortar bombs, 2 x 60mm mortar tube, 1 shoulder grenade launcher, 8 propeller chargers for the 155 gun 194 fuses for 122mm D30 HW bombs, 41 fuses for 155mm bombs, 20 fuses for 82mm mortar, 5 illum fuses, 1 tripod stand, 6 non electric detonator, 1 tool box containing several weapon parts, 1 SPG stand, 1 lister generator, 1 welding machine, 1 water heater, 1 exhaust, 4 mortar base plates, support weapons spare parts, and a large quantity of materials for making improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

“Other items recovered include a total of nine vehicles, thirty mobile phones, ten motorcycles, eight bicycles, four vehicle tyres, three GT tyres, two grinding machines, one sewing machine, medical supplies, one wheel barrow, thirty motor fan belts, five bags of grains, three bags of sugar, three bags of salt, one inverter battery, seventy-five bags of fertilizers, two drums of premium motor spirit, six gallons of engine oil, twelve

“Troops arrested 25 terrorists’ logistics suppliers, 1 terrorist spy, and 1 Boko Haram terrorist. They also neutralized 26 terrorists from Boko Haram and the Islamic State of West Africa Province. In addition, one of the Chibok School girls that had been kidnapped was freed by the troops. While a total of 511 Boko Haram terrorists/members of the Islamic State of West Africa Province and members of their families surrendered to troops at various locations within the theater of operations, including 99 adult males, 161 adult females, and 251 children, he said. “While a total of 511 Boko Haram terrorists/members of the Islamic State of West Africa Province and members of their families.”

In the North-Central region, according to what he said, “Troops recovered 31 rustled cattle, 6 motorcycles, 1 vehicle, 2 dane guns, 2 fabricated pistols, 3 fabricated rifles, and 2 fabricated pistols.” In addition, troops were successful in eliminating two terrorists and capturing 25 individuals suspected of criminal activity.

According to General Danmadami, the troops that were stationed in the North West Zone “Recovered 7 AK47 rifles, 4 dane guns, 2 locally fabricated pistols, 1 improvised rocket launcher, 1 RPG bomb, 74 rounds of 7.62mm special, 108 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 1 telescopic sight, 10 AK47 magazines, 7 tear gas, 1 fragmental jacket, 12 pairs of woodland camouflage, 3 pairs of combat boots, 6 jungle In addition, there are 19 motorcycles, 18 mobile phones, three leg chains, three generator sets, six bags of soya beans, three crates of soft drinks, three bags of bread, two SIM cards, and a total of N82,050.00. 108 cattle have also been stolen.

“They also neutralized 12 terrorists and arrested 26 suspected criminals in addition to rescuing 24 kidnapped civilians,” he added. “This is a significant victory for the coalition.”

Accordingly, he noted that troops conducted patrols, raids, anti-illegal oil refining and swap buggies operations at various locations within Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers States respectively. These operations were aimed at denying oil theft and other criminal elements freedom of action, thereby creating an environment that was conducive to the growth of economic activities within the zone. “He said that troops conducted these operations at different locations within Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers States respectively.

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General Danmadami, on the other hand, was in charge of communicating the commendations from the military high command regarding the unceasing efforts of troops and other security agencies in the various theaters of operations located all over the country.

“We would also like to thank the members of the media community for their partnership and ongoing cooperation with the armed forces and other security agencies, as we work toward our goal of bringing peace and safety back to our beloved country.

“Also, the support given to the members of the Armed Forces and other security agencies in the conduct of our various operations across the country is hereby appreciated, and the entire populace is hereby urged to continue to provide prompt and creditable information on the activities of terrorists and other criminal elements, in their respective areas,”


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