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Be the Man of Honour in your own home.

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DIP for Monday 19th June, 2023 by Word for World Ministries.

Be the Man of Honour in your own home.

Honour is not respect but to hold someone in high esteem. Everyman is the king of his own kingdom which is his own home. Even God cherish honour and knows people of honour. As a man, you might not enjoy honour at work, on the street or other places but no matter the limitations, a man should enjoy honour in his own domain. You don’t just get it, you earn it. How to earn honour as a man in your own house.

1. Honour God. If you don’t struggle in honouring God, your household won’t struggle to honour you. 1 Sam 2.30.

2. Honour wife. Nobody can make your children and other members of your family honour you like your wife and no one can make them dishonour you like her. If you honour your wife, everyone in your home would honour you. Est 1.20.

3. Honour your words. Do not speak and neglect your speech. It is called integrity. Pro 29.20.

4. Care for your household. You don’t need to be rich financially to care for your household. Efforts would show how caring you are when you give the little you have. it takes a Godly wife and child to respect a man that doesn’t care or pay their bills. I Tim 5.8.

5. Honour Principles. If you put rules in place, respect it. If you value your own principles, you will be valued as a principal. Gen 20.5.

6. Honour Men. Don’t disrespect people anywhere either driving, walking etc. Honour Men and your family would join you in honouring men including you. I Pet 2.7.

7. Teach your wife and household. Tit 2.4. Wives need to know that when you keep exposing to the children how untruthful, corrupt, immoral, broke or poor your husband is, he would lose his honour before the kids and that is the only person they fear. If they lose honour for their father, even you would lose grip on them and there is no other man no matter how rich and tough can control them in honour even though they obey in fear. when they leave home, you would know how bad the situation can be. Let your children honour your husband and see him as a saint despite what you know about him. It is wisdom.

Prayer Point: Oh God, sponsor my honour in Jesus name.

Quote: Where obedience is missing, honour has been missing.

Have a great day.

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