Breaking: We did not promise overnight solution – Adams Oshiomhole

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Breaking: We did not promise overnight solution – Adams Oshiomhole.

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The former APC National Chairman and a Senator in the National Assembly, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole on Sunday said that the Tinubu led APC did not promised an over night solutions to the problems of Nigeria.

He said this on ‘Sunday Politics’ with Seun Okinbaloye during an interview on Channel Television on Sunday evening as he spoke on many other national issues such as New Fuel Pump Price, Minimum Wage, Government Cost of Governance and Tinubu’s Cabinet Expectations.

” We did not promise an overnight solution. …The government is trying to ensure that cash transfer to Nigerians would not go into wrong hands or pocketed and also trying to gather data. Right from the time of Obasanjo to Yar’adua, to Jonathan, to Buhari and now Tinubu, Nigeria has no data… Therefore the government must be careful with the plan. You know, this has to do with over 200 millions people, and then, any government can come and even before he takes the full audit of what is on ground, look for the money not as if you have a ware where the money was already sub-filed, and then just threw the money out… ”

On the cost of governance, Senator Oshiomhole said; He said even as a governor then, he used minimal convoy different from other governors. “The real cost of governance is not salaries but wastage. I expect this government to rescue the cost of governance.

“The pay of public officers has not been adjusted since 1999. Anybody receiving salary in Nigeria is under- paid… What we call a minimum wage is a criminal wage… You cannot get adequate productivity from a worker who is starving”.

I don’t know why those who have the duties to speak are not speaking about it. I was shocked to see the level of vandalization of properties of the national assembly. That televisions are carted away, Carpets carted away, the chairs, senators chairs are carted away. I had to remove my money and somebody also decided to deliver to me a printer and I had to buy the carpet and paid the cost of fixing, I have to pay some people to clean the office to install new carpet, I had to pay to repaint my office. I could give you the receipt. I can’t understand how, the Senate that sat on Sunday before we were innugurated either on a Monday or following Tuesday, within 48hours that that level of vandalization took place and we have hundreds of security men and women in the National Assemblies , I can never understand what happened….People tell me even in the house of Reps too, there is also the same kind of vandalization. The back ground that I am coming from, the change of tenant, the change of governor or president doesn’t mean we would have to replace everything then we can remove one picture and hang another one, that doesn’t cost much”.

On the cabinet issues, the senator said, “At the height of our campeign, we mentioned that one of the gifts of President Tinubu based on his performance as the governor of Lagos State is his ability to hunt for talents, catch them young , get brilliant guys, he is not known to surround himself with people who dont know their right from their left or suround himself with yes yes yes men. He suround himself with people who can argue with him, who can have opinion that is different from his, and his business is to coordinate and that was my view, the selling point that is projected to Nigerians and we back it up by evidence of what he did in Lagos, and so I will expect that when he is dealing with a much bigger entity called Nigeria, 36 states and the fct, that he can only look for the very very best, no sentiment, no sentiment, there are ways to compensate people if you want to compensate them but you don’t compensate anyone at the expense of the deliverables, nobody can give to the country what he does not possess”.


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