Nigerian firm launches first industrial CT machine

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An indigenous engineering firm, Alfa Designs Nigeria Limited, has launched Phoenix V Tomex S240 Industrial Computed Tomography Machine, the first of its kind in the country.

Mr Mubarak Abdul, Company’s Research Analyst, made this known in a statement on Tuesday in Abuja.

Abdul said as technology continues to advance and shape the cause of human innovations, the developed world has always taken the lead in the key areas of research and development while Africa still lags behind.

According to him, Industrial computed tomography machine is an equipment used to carry out a computer-aided tomographic process using X-ray radiation to produce three-dimensional internal and external representations of a scanned object.

He said that the benefits of using industrial CT Scanning include quality control for failure investigation and pre-production inspection; internal and external part inspection and quick and accurate resulting data.

Other functions according to him, include images that are easier to interpret than conventional radiographic data, cut costs; and improved product design.

“For inspecting and testing the internal and external structure and design of various complex parts and components without destructing or disassembling the product, Industrial CT systems are increasingly being used as they can help in determining the design, structure, and dimensions.

“With industrial CT scanning, manufacturers can look inside the products to identify issues pertaining to design and production discrepancies, ensure a lot of consistency, and provides highly accurate and detailed measurements of internal components.

“Apart from aerospace, automotive, and aviation applications,  ICT can be used to inspect the inside of electronic equipment such as radios, and because of the extreme spatial resolution, some machines are capable of imaging the inside of cables that conduct electricity or optical fibers and computer chips,” he said.

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