AAU fires 13 staff for fraud, sexual harassment

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The administration of Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma, Edo State, has decided to terminate the employment of thirteen members of the university’s academic and non-academic staff for a variety of alleged offenses, including lying about their age, committing financial fraud, engaging in gross misconduct, extortion, and sexual harassment.

Prof. Asomwan Adagbonyin, the institution’s Acting Vice Chancellor, stated that the decision to terminate the appointments of the allegedly negligent staff members was made in response to the recommendations of the University Staff Disciplinary Committee, which found that the individuals were responsible for the offenses. The committee found that the individuals were guilty of the offenses.


On Monday, in Benin City, Adagbonyin revealed this information while presenting the committee’s report to the Chairman, Engr. Andrew Olotu, as well as members of the AAU Special Intervention Team.

The Vice Chancellor informed everyone that members of staff from the Faculty of Basic Medical Science, the Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences, the Nursing Department, the Engineering Department, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Political Science, and the former Director of the University Farm were affected by the outbreak.

He disclosed that the disciplinary committee had provided the affected members of staff with an opportunity for a fair hearing and had suggested that “the criminal aspect of the disengage staff offence should be reported to security operatives.”

Prof. Adagbonyin stated that a lecturer who was the head of nursing science was recommended for severance after it was discovered that he was guilty of extorting students of N32,000 and N52,000 respectively. Additionally, Prof. Adagbonyin stated that a lecturer who was indicted for sexual harassment was also terminated.

According to what he said, “The lecturer had claimed to only make advances, but he went to the said girl’s church to plead for forgiveness.” The victim has been safeguarded and transferred to a different lecturer at the university.


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