Domestic Violence: Detained nursing mother, 8 months old baby in Oyo released. …as more truth emerges.

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Domestic Violence: Detained nursing mother, 8 months old baby in Oyo released.
…as more truth emerges.

A nursing mother and her eight months old baby detained on Friday, June 23, at the Agugu Police Divisional Station, Gbelekale Area, Ibadan for alleged fighting was released on Saturday, June 24 with more truth emerging.

TEC News correspondent gathered that the nursing mother identified as Mrs Morounmubo Suleman Ayanbimpe and her eight months old daughter named Asabi were hospitalised at Jolalere Hospital and Maternity Center, Ibadan after they were released from the police custody.

The husband of the nursing mother , Mr Kehinde Ayanbimpe explained to TEC News through phone conversation on Sunday that he was not around but in Lagos the night the incident took place between his wife and a co-tenant named Mr Oyewunmi Adekola, also known as Sinbomky.
Ayanbimpe said he was away in Lagos on the night that the incident happened, saying it was his wife that called to inform him that a make neighbour was beating her up.
He said he advised his wife to go and report the matter to the police and not take laws into her hand.
“So, on getting there, they called me , I talked with the police and they told me they could not take up the matter on that day unless because they know the person she was talking about.
“I said, just leave the police. She sent their number and the same police, Inspector Kehinde, I talked to him through my wife’s phone that very night and he said my wife should come back the flowing day.
“Around 8 o’clock in the morning, I told my wife to go back to the police and report. I just want an official report of the matter.
He amended that his wife and eight months old baby were detained and slept in the station, adding that the co-tenant that beat his wife instead released after two hours while his own wife who reported the matter was detained with little for a whole night.
“When they released him, my wife asked why would they released the man and detaine her, they told her that the man was their friend and that it was a case of two fighting.
Ayanbimpe said the man kicked her, he held her hair as attested to by those around.

According to him, trouble started when the man wanted to close the door by 7.30 pm and his wife told him to leave the door opened for her.
He explained further that when the DCO called him to come and bail my wife but told the DCO that he would not do that.
Speaking with Mrs Ayanbimpe, she confirmed that she and the baby were in good health.
She said that she was put behind the counter between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon with her baby without food and water.
According to her, the IPO ordered that she should be locked up but another officer asked then to wait for my husband and the IPO said she could not wait.
“The man I went to report and was brought said I should be put in the cell but an officer said I shouldn’t because of my baby.
“They collected the phone from me and did not allow me to call my husband but a police personnel collected my husband and spoke together.
“So, I was detained because my husband was not around”.
Ayanbimpe said that the police released her on Saturday afternoon after the community people persuaded the co-tenant to secure her release from the custody.
She said she wanted to know from the Police why she reported someone and they released the person and detained her.
The couple are demanding for justice for both parties after conducting thorough investigation.
“We want compensation for the injustice melted against us.
When TEC NEWS called the man alledged to have beating the nursing mother, Mr Oyewunmi Adekola (Sinbomky’) he explained his side of the story.
He said as a journalist, he can never beat a woman knowing that it’s wrong.
He claimed that the said woman always brag with the police and threatens anyone they might have issues.
He explained that he was the chairman of the security committee in the community and since criminals always disturb the community, they have been warned to always be at their watch and lock their doors on time.
Adekola claimed to return home at about 8.50pm and met both the front and back door opened and he had to find out why from the children and he was told Mrs Mubo stopped them from shutting the door.
He said In the process, Mrs Mubo started shouting and blasting him and people gathered. He claimed she slapped her twice and he retaliated after the second time. From that point , people intervained. After a while, the community elders and leaders came out to call on them for settlement but the woman did not come out and they went back. The next mourning, the community people still returned but she wasn’t around and later came into the compound with Police men.

“She arested me and I was taken down to the station. We were told to write statement but she refused that until her husband comes and up to 6pm, the husband could not come. Her child was not with her at the Police Station as claimed. I was released on bail and it was free. I came home to meet the husband at home and he was the one that instructed that the 8 months old daughter be taken to her mother at the police station for breastfeeding that night. When I got to the station to bail her as the community insisted, I asked for the daughter, Asabi and I was told the same young person that brought her in the night came back to pick her in the morning”, said Mr Oyewunmi Adekola who said he is a member of Police Community Relation Commission (PCRC).

The Police Inspector alledged to be in the station at the arival of Mrs Mubo spoke with TEC NEWS that he as a Station guard only received the woman and enquired what brought her and when she said she wanted to be followed to go make an arrest of someone called Mr Oyewunmi Adekola which is a known person to everyone, she was told to go back since it was late already and come in the morning and her wish would be considered. He said he was surprised to meet the woman in the police station the following evening and he doesn’t know who was in charge of the case or the detail,
he said he is shocked that his name has to be mentioned.
The DCO of Police said to be in charge of the case declined comment but rather refered TEC News Correspondent to the PPRO and the PPRO said via a text message that the command is already looking into the issues. His message read;
“The Command is currently looking into the allegations. Updates would be provided accordingly, please”.
The Executive Chairman of Center for Human Rights and Social Justice, Mr Adeniyi Suleman who has already petitioned the Inspector General of Police over what he described incompetence of the Police Officers that handled the case including the DPO of the Agugu Divisional Station demanding outright dismissal of the police personnel involved.
Suleman said that even on Sunday morning, the same police officers went to the house of the woman to threaten her that she must report back to the station by Monday.


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