In Anambra, police neutralise one as gunmen attack station

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One gunman was killed by Anambra State police during an attack on the Ogidi police station in the state’s Idemili North Local Government Area.

DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, the state police command’s press secretary, informed the media of this in a press release.

“Police operatives foiled an attack by armed men on the Ogidi Police Station today, 13/2/2023, at 2:15 am, demobilized one of the armed men, and recovered many expended cartridges and 25 liters of PMS,” he stated.

He claimed that at around two in the morning, many thugs riding in cars and motorcycles arrived with the intention of torching the police station.

They attempted to enter the Ogidi Police Station in Idemili North and arrived in large groups with an unmarked Toyota Hiace bus, a Toyota Hilux, and three motorcycles. They began shooting randomly.

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They were fiercely resisted by the on-duty police officers, and as a result of the operatives’ superior gunfire, the hoodlums fled the scene while one of the armed men was neutralized, he continued.

Ikenga claimed that the police station is undamaged and that no casualties have been reported on the police side.

He continued by saying that tactical teams from the command have been deployed, the operation is still ongoing, and more information about their search for the perpetrators will be revealed later.

Recently, unidentified individuals in Anambra State renewed their attacks on police offices and personnel.

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Recently, an Ihiala police station was attacked, and other areas like Obosi have also been hit.

The most recent occurred when three police officers from the Delta State Police Command were killed while serving in Abia State on official business.

When the men were stopped in Ihiala, three of the four men inside the car were killed.

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  1. […] Read Also: In Anambra, police neutralise one as gunmen attack station […]

  2. […] Read Also: In Anambra, police neutralise one as gunmen attack station […]

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