‘North will possess more natural resources than South, Judges will witness God’s wrath’– Primate Ayodele

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Primate Elijah Ayodele, the head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has made revelations about specific Nigerian industries.

According to Primate Ayodele, investors would disregard the southern region of the country because the northern region would have more natural resources than the southern region.

He said that there would be a change, with more infrastructure in the north than in the south.

The clergyman noted that the nation would develop a new technology system and start producing guns but that there would be an increase in electricity tariffs despite an unstable power supply in a statement released by his spokesperson, Oluwatosin Osho.

I predict that investors will begin to relocate to the northern part and that northerners will develop more natural resources than southerners. I predict a change that will drive investors away from the south and shift their attention to the north’s infrastructure and investment opportunities. The northerners will receive more gasoline, and I can already see a refinery there.

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The nation of Nigeria will create a new technology system, a nuclear power plant, and a firearm. Nigeria will typically be blessed with additional natural resources in addition to petroleum. The saga of the saga of the saga of the saga of the saga of the saga of the saga of the saga of the s

Regarding education, Primate Ayodele urged security personnel to combat kidnapping and shootings at all levels in Nigerian schools.

He also stated that the dispute between the Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities, or ASUU, would persist even under a new administration.

‘’Let’s pray not to see problems in any school, kidnapping or shooting in any school compound. ASUU and the federal government will still have issues. The government will owe them as usual, I am not seeing anything better for the union,” he added.

Primate Ayodele issued a warning regarding security, saying that terrorists would soon develop new methods for carrying out their heinous crimes. He predicts a new, dangerous terrorist organization.

Because I believe a new organization that will be affiliated with Al-Qaeda and ISIS is on the horizon, there will be new kidnapping tactics used by terrorists. In the north, they will develop their plan. If the security personnel pray to God and remain vigilant, they can stop this.

Speaking about the judiciary, Primate Ayodele disclosed that after the presidential election cases, God wants to visit the judiciary and many judges will experience his wrath.

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He claimed that God wanted to bring sanity into the system and that any judges who didn’t agree would be removed.

God intends to visit the nation’s judiciary after the presidential election, and many judges who don’t follow God’s will risk experiencing his wrath if they don’t act morally. God desires to instill reason in Nigeria’s judicial system in order to aid the underprivileged and poor. The judges must sit properly because there will be a new judicial sector. Let’s pray for protection from assaults and assassinations in the area,” he said.

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