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Marriage is the union between a man and a woman with the purpose of mutual satisfaction and raising offsprings. Many marriages lately have not been enjoyed by both parties who possibly started on the theme called love.

Many marriages are been endured instead of been enjoyed. Some young generations today are either scared of marriage while others are ready to marry but with intention to quit if it goes the other way round. Some few people believe in marriage that can be enjoyed and endured when necessary.

There are things we are about to mention in this article that we believe can help couple enjoy their marriage. Our focus here this time are those 7 things a woman must never do to her husband if she is interested in her home and the joy of marriage.

1. Never Lead Him.
The man is the head of the home. Don’t unsurp his position. No man wants to be seen as a weakening, including your husband. Let him take decisions and let him see you taking his instructions seriously. If you are been led wrong, politely point out a better decision and never sound as if you are more reasonable than him. He is created to lead. Let him lead.


2. Never Speak Wrong of him to his parents and your friends. If you disrespect him by yourself , others would abuse his person in your present the way you will never like. Everyman has a weakness and can make mistakes. Don’t expose your man’s weakness since you are not perfect either.

3. Never go into argument or physical fight with your husband. You might be bigger, taller or even stronger but when issues arises, the strength of a real woman is in her ability to control herself. It can be disastrous for a woman to engage in a fight with her own husband. Don’t do it. Let him keep believing he can deal with you even though you know he is only hallucinating. And if you can’t size him up, don’t wait for his furry.

4. Never starve Him with food. Cook for him timely and never allow him return to an empty house. A man that eats well would be pleased well. Some men might not appreciate their wives but never bothered because you are just doing your job and a peaceful home you prefer so, keep sacrificing. Don’t starve your husband and anytime he rejects your food due to anger, kindly ensure you appease him because he a semi-god to you.

5. Never starve him with sex. No matter your anger or how he neglect you, if you still wants your husband, never deny him sex. If a man is denied sex even when he is happy and says nothing, anger can set in and a lot can be affected or go wrong which might not even be attributed to sex.

6. Never make your husband jealous. Yes, don’t do it. Some women do it when they are in conflict with their husbands. After that time, he begins to wonder how clean you are. Do not flirt or cheat on him. Let him know you are decent and different from other women who can cheat on their husbands normally. With all your imperfection and errors, the only thing your husband might be considering and still being too weak to divorce or chase you out might simply be because, irrespective of his own error, you remain faithful to him. Don’t let that value go. Remain faithful to him.

7. Never suspect him. Sometime, an innocent man can be doubted into unfaithfulness. A clean man can be pushed into cheating with constant suspiciousness. Live your life as if cheating does not exist. Only your trust can rescue even a quiet cheat and only your thoughts and words can make him faithful to your vows.

If you can manage your man by avoiding these 7 things, you can enjoy your home and have peace in your marriage. Watch out for those things you must never do to your wife.

Credit: Lovemission.

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