2023 election: RTEAN praises military’s neutrality, claims that BVAS worked magic

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The Military Forces and other security organizations have received praise from the Nigerian organization for road transport employers (RTEAN) for their impartiality in the most recent presidential and national assembly elections.

Like Tinubu had done in Lagos State from 1999 to 2007, the association was optimistic that his election as president-elect would lead to prosperity and development throughout the nation.

The former Lagos governor has shown a consistent fidelity to progressive and welfarist ideals as well as an ability to build bridges across many divides, according to RTEAN National President Ambassador Musa Muhammed Maitakobi in a statement signed by Deputy National President Administration Muhammed Bishara.

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Maitakobi continued by saying that reports from various regions of the nation showed that the Nigerian Military Forces had fulfilled their word and were not only apolitical but also worked with other security services.

He praised the voting procedure and noted how well-organized it was, but he also noted how the use of technology has made this election different from past ones.

The RTEAN National President said: “The candidates in the various parties in the recently concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections are urged to accept the outcome of the election in good faith, and pointed out that it is important for both the candidates and their supporters to keep their options open and be prepared to accept whatever be the outcome of the presidential and National Assembly polls.

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Also, he urged association members and young Nigerians to uphold the law and avoid engaging in behavior that could disturb the peace.

He urged traditional and religious figures, school administrators, and representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to work with RTEAN to warn young people against engaging in any criminal activity that could ruin their future.



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