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Friday 23rd June, 2023.
Daily In His Presence (DIP) with Word for World Ministries.

Topic: Deliverance from Risen Enemies.

Micah 2:8
Even of late my people is risen up as an enemy: ye pull off the robe with the garment from them that pass by securely as men averse from war.

We are possibly familiar with many types of enemies and how dangerous they can be to our lives. The first weapon of an enemy is distraction and the next is intimidation. Fallen into the hands of the enemy is a prayer we can’t stop praying and another type of enemy is ‘the risen enemy’.

We can have enemy from birth, from work place, by contact, at business level etc but not many of us is aware that not all enemies comes with noise but there are enemies known as the risen enemy. These are enemies that rose up suddenely against all types of suspicions against their victims. They have been around as friends. They have been taken to be loyal. They have been trying to be nice. They have shown you love and available to you at just a beacon. You have helped and blessed them too with counsel and Financially sometimes but suddenely they become enemies but unsuspected and unknown to you. They have risen against you at very minute limitations, errors, weakness and even sincere dispositions that are targeted towards making them learn and become better. Why? They have risen as enemies just like the devil rose against God before he was throne down.

See: Isiah 14:12-14.

Even though sometimes you don’t know they have become enemies, even when you know they now misbehave at ease, you don’t seems to find it easy to let them go until they cause havoc and tried to destroy or cause you pain. So if God wants to save you from them, He causes them to leave you anyhow.

If it is not going to be easy, God causes crises in your life. You begin to face issues that can ensure they cannot benefit from you anymore. You can even act opposite your kind of person and the it become an unforgivable offence in their diary. At this point, pray for grace, relax, rejoice and move on because it could be a deliverance from risen enemies.

Today’s Quote: Crisis Reveals People.

Prayer Point: Lord, knock down every risen enemy against my life and grant me a speedy deliverance from them all in Jesus name.

Testimonies: I was regularly fallen sick until I came for prayers and behold, the terrible sickness and diseases in my body and blood dispeared till date. Hallelujah.


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