Fuel Price Hike: Government is toiling with Nigerians and it is a Reign of Impunity – NLC.

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The government is toiling with Nigerians and it is a reign of impunity – NLC.

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The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has expressed their rejection of the new pump price of petroleum products on Tuesday as announced by the NNPCL.

The Union body also reject the plans by the Federal Government to distribute N8,000 to 12 million Nigerians as the Federal Government few days ago announced plans to lift 12 million Nigerians with N8,000 monthly to cushion the effect of fuel subsidy removal.


Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Mr.Mele Kyari, had on Tuesday announced N617 as the new price for the petroleum product in all its outlets and this was effected almost immediately after the announcement as the new pump prized changed in the fuel dispensers especially in the Abuja metropolis.

Reacting on Channels Television ‘Politics Today’ with Seun Okinbaloye, NLC president, Mr. Joe Ajaero said the new pump price was anti-people.


He also said the labour union rejects in its entirety the money and the figure said to be captured by the government’s palliative initiative.

NLC President, Joe Ajairo


In his words,

“I think Nigerians are being deceived. In the first instance, going by the claim that the independent marketers are now bringing the product into the country, Nigerians would want to know how many are involved in this.


“Nigerians also want to know the role of the NNPC in the current dispensation. NNPC cannot import and claim the fuel is imported by independent marketers.


“Furthermore, the government withdrew subsidy from PMS and while we were discussing the aftermath of the withdrawal, another price Increase.

“Now, why would the government go to court to seek a court injunction? Why will the government take other measures if it is not its business”, he queried.


“It is like Nigerians have entered a rein when Nigerians are being punished unnecessarily and where lies are the order of the day.


“I think clearly, the government is toiling with Nigerians and it is a reign of impunity.


“If the same government is approving N70 billion for the members of the National Assembly to buy vehicles and furniture but you’re increasing the cost of fuel, should the removal of subsidy affect only the poor?


“This policy will further increase the margin between the poor and the rich as it is clear that the government is taking away all the benefits meant for the poor and being given to the rich.

Recall that the new administration led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu effected fuel subsidy removal as declared in his innuaguration speech on may 29th 2023, fuel pump prices surged immediately to 550 to 600 naira across the Country before the NNPCL released the pump prices which defer from Zone to Zone.


Since then, inflation has been the fight between Nigerians and commodities in Nigeria even as transportation cost skyrocketed.

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