APC dismisses Nextier poll placing Obi ahead of Tinubu

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has disregarded a Nextier poll that had Bola Tinubu trailing Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi in the race for the White House.

In a statement released yesterday and signed by Bayo Onanuga, Director of Media and Publicity for the APC Presidential Campaign Council, the APC expressed its response.

In the opening line of the statement, Onanuga stated: “We are forced as a matter of public record to respond to another farcical Presidential Election Poll result released by an organization that calls itself Nextier, a public policy advisory firm that overnight transformed itself into a Nigerian Gallup Poll or Ipsos.

“We are responding for the protection of gullible Nigerians to prevent them from being duped by the Patrick Okigbo-led organization, which appears to have the goal of bringing confusion and chaos to our nation.

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The promoters of Nextier are active campaigners for the Labour Party’s presidential candidate and members of Mr. Peter Obi’s Presidential Campaign Council, which Nigerians should be aware of.

Any poll conducted by such a partisan group, he claimed, should be treated with caution.

He criticized the survey’s methodology and sample size as well, claiming that they would pass any integrity test.

The statement continued, “It is quite absurd that Nextier Poll, which projects a complete victory for the APC Presidential candidate in the six SouthWest states, including Lagos, and a clean sweep of the South East Region with over 90% of registered voters, also places Peter Obi ahead of the APC Presidential candidate.

“Assuming but not necessarily conceding that Obi will have a home-field advantage in his region of the nation, we then question why the pollsters at Nextier, if they have even a modicum of respect for Nigerians’ intelligence, thought the factors that will propel Obi to a landslide victory in the South East will not work for the APC candidate in his own South West base.

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The PDP vice presidential candidate’s home state of Delta was predicted to go to the Labour Party, which received 62.9% of the vote there.

He characterized the poll as wishful thinking devoid of any basis in fact or reality and stressed the importance of warning Nigerians and the wider world that Nextier is allegedly working for the Labour Party and that their poll results are completely fabricated and disconnected from reality.

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  1. […] Read also: APC dismisses Nextier poll placing Obi ahead of Tinubu […]

  2. […] Read Also: APC dismisses Nextier poll placing Obi ahead of Tinubu […]

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