Atiku announces plans for improved rail, road infrastructure as well as the expansion of Calabar port in Cross River

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar has vowed to revive the Calabar port and promote economic development in Nigeria’s South-South region.

Atiku provided an overview of his plans for the region during a campaign event held on Monday in Cross River State at the UJ Esuene Stadium in Calabar. He pledged to build rail lines from Lagos to Port Harcourt via Calabar and to connect the state with the rest of the nation through improved road systems.

Atiku wants to make Calabar a bustling commercial center and bring prosperity to the people of Cross River State with the help of these initiatives.
“If the Calabar port is opened, it will generate significant business and provide the people of Cross River State with significant opportunities. You should also be aware that once the Calabar port has been developed and is operating, it will attract businesses and factories, which will benefit the citizens of Cross River State. Again, this is just one example of the multiplicity of agricultural potentials. Therefore, if you vote for the PDP for president and governor, we will collaborate with your governors and legislators to implement this policy, which has been supported by research, and I promise that developing Calabar port alone will present a wealth of opportunities for the people of Cross River.

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The issue of infrastructure development, according to Atiku, is “the development of the road networks connecting you with neighboring states and then the proposed rail line from Lagos through Calabar to Port Harcourt.”

Udom Emmanuel, the governor of Akwa-Ibom state and chairman of the PDP Campaign Council, assured the citizens of Cross River of Atiku’s intentions should he be elected.

“Our color is PDP, our color is capacity, our color is human development, and our color is bringing prosperity, development, and then alleviating poverty,” he declared. I want to reassure you that Atiku Abubakar will oversee very strong development of the road network and infrastructure.
Ben Ayade, the governor of Cross River state, and other PDP members who left the party were mentioned in passing by Senator Iyorcha Ayu, the party’s national chairman, who also spoke at the rally, when he said that they would return.

“You have supported some of our best sons and daughters in the PDP, but some of them have let you down. The people of Cross River State won’t accompany them, so wherever they go, they will return home.

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“I want to beg of you that on the 25th of this month, vote for one person who will unify this country, who will wipe your tears, who will make sure that the economy of Nigeria comes back to be the first and best economy in the continent.
“The Naira was worth N180 to a dollar when we left office in 2015. N800 is how many naira are currently being exchanged for one dollar. As a result, you become poor. We left a $9.6 billion foreign debt behind when we dispersed. That debt has grown to $97 billion thanks to the APC in just seven years.

He continued, “In other words, each of you here is a debtor, and it is affecting the economy of this country because we spend all the money we are earning on servicing debt.

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