Children Day 2024 ! NAPPS Akwanga Celebrates Children in Grand Style.

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Children Day 2024 ! NAPPS Akwanga Celebrates Children in Grand Style.

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In a rare and shocking manner especially as it concerns children day celebrations in Akwanga, Nasarawa State, the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS), Akwanga Local Government Chapter, Nasarawa State organized and celebrated May 27th Children’s day in a Grand Style,with the theme “Every Child Every Right”, bringing unity and uniformity among the different private schools in Akwanga and harmonizing the diversities in tribes and religion.

Chapter Coordinator, NAPPS, Akwanga Chapter, Mrs Joy Oga.


The event that took place in the convocation square, College Of Education Akwanga,where over 40 private schools, proprietors, students and parents were in attendance, and a lot of activities such as different tribal dances, debate, drama and match pass by the various schools were displayed.

Mada Dancers. Nasarawa State.


Igbo Dancers from Southeast, Nigeria.


Participating in a match pass


Match pass


Troupe of Eggon Cultural Dance


Provost, College of Education, Akwanga. Dr Jonathan Thani.



In the speech by the Provost, College Of Education Akwanga, Dr.Jonathan Thani, he welcomed proprietors, parents, students and thanked NAPPS for organizing such an event which brings back old memories of when May 27th Children’s day used to be celebrated during their time, and how it use to feel like Christmas day as they usually go to the Central Primary School Akwanga for various activities which do make them happy, but this has become a thing of the past, and now ‘NAPPS’ is bringing it back to reality.

He also talked about the display of different talents by the children and hope to keep it up while he imployed the children to improve their academic performances for a brighter future.

Tiv Cultural Dancers representing Benue State.


The Host,who is the Coordinator, Akwanga Local Chapter of NAPPS and also Proprietress, Oludu Excellent Academy, Mrs Joy Oga Oludu in her speech mentioned the goal of NAPPS which is to nature the children for national development imployed the children to never stop learning and exploring for a brighter future.

Yoruba Dancers from Southwest Nigeria.


She also stated that their responsibility as proprietors of Private Schools is to provide Quality Education and Conducive Learning Environment for the Children, because they believe every child deserves access to quality education, and this celebration is not just to recognize potentials in the children but to acknowledge hard work and inspire them to reach for there dreams. She imployed them to never stop learning because they are the future of our nation.


Representative of the National President, NAPPS Nigeria.


The State General Secretary NAPPS Nasarawa state in his speech talked about education been a joint efforts between parents, educators, community and government. Parents are the first diggers in the child’s life, their involvement is important and it is through education that we inculcate into our children the right skills and values necessary for navigating the modern age and contribute to the society.


Chorography team.


TEC News correspondent , Peace Augustine reports that the convocation Square of College of Education was filled to capacity and maximum security provided for the safety of all.

She also reports that the participants were seen very happy and those who won the football contests which began on Monday at Shepherd Nursery and Primary School feild, Akwanga has the grand finale hosted at Rishama Comprehensive School Akwanga earlier in the day and has Hope Academy as the winner.


It was announced by the organizer of the event that the program continues by 5pm at Kini Country Home, Akwanga where dignitaries would be hosted in a dinner and award night.

Spectators and Participants in the program.


The one week children’s celebration in Akwanga NAPPS had the ancient town shaken to it’s fabrics with joy that radiates on all participants .


Shepherd International Schools, Rishama Comprehensive College, De-Ultimate Glory Academy both Primary and Secondary Schools, Oludu Excellent Academy, St Peters Nursery and Primary School, Hope Academy, Mercy Academy, Skybase Academy, are among schools that contested for football victory.


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