“Don’t prematurely pronounce a winner” US lawmaker warns to UK and others regarding elections in Nigeria

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The US representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, Ilhan Omar, requested on Saturday that the international community refrain from “prematurely announcing a winner” until the electoral problems in Nigeria are resolved.

Omar lamented the irregularities that marred the recently concluded presidential election in Nigeria in a statement that was forwarded to the appropriate party. According to the Independent National Electoral Commission, the election resulted in Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress (APC) being elected president (INEC).

The US congresswoman added that the low voter turnout indicated that the electorate lacked confidence in the democratic institutions in the African nation.

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She made her remarks the day after US Senator Jim Risch, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, cautioned his nation and President Joe Biden against accepting the results of the presidential election in Nigeria.

The full text of Omar’s statement is as follows: “I am extremely concerned about the delays and serious allegations of irregularities, including fraud, made by numerous independent observers in the recent Nigerian presidential election.

“I call for complete transparency and prompt action from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), as well as an exhaustive investigation into claims of voter suppression, postponed poll openings, the failure of the new electronic voting system, and a sharp decline in turnout.

Elections that are fair, open, and free are the foundation of democracy. Elections that are unfair, secret, or opaque disenfranchise voters and undermine public confidence in the political system. A lack of confidence in Nigeria’s democratic institutions is already evident from the low turnout there. The way the procedure goes must be perfect.

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“A crucial element of a functioning democratic process is allowing electoral challenges to proceed through the system. Additionally, it is a way to boost self-assurance and avert protracted disputes.

The international community should back an impartial, open process and refrain from announcing a winner before these difficulties have been overcome.

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