Electricity Discovery : Research shows power been generated from a tree.

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Research shows power been generated from a tree.

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20th June, 2023.

A video that surfaced on social media recently shows that power can be generated from a muringa tree that can power electrical bulbs, grinder and other electronic devices.


The researcher explained how he climb a muringa tree and he got wounded but discovered an electric shock that led him into finding out more about the tree and in regard to power generation.

The test he conducted shows that the particular tree can provide 25volts DC current, 220volts and even AC. He practically conducted a physical test on the tree by tying wire round the tree in two different locations to generate both positive and negative supply. He connected a bulb to it which gave light and so bright. He also connected a grinder and it was powered. Though he mentioned that a very high sun light would help a achieve more current or voltage.

The narrator and researcher with the help of his electrician Mr Fundy conducted the research and projected their findings through the 2 minutes and 52seconds video.


“We started to grow muringa trees a while ago for food like you can see (pointing to the tree top) . So, one day as I was climbing the tree, it had an injury just like this one here, and I was grinding it and I felt like electric shock you know, almost like an electric fence like an elephant fence or kettle fence, I had the idea so I called my electrician and we measured and infact we could measured a current in the tree…” Says the researcher.

It is believed that if this is considered in Nigeria especially in the areas with Muringa trees are available in numbers, power generation can be achieved to serve the people in the environment.


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