Fuel Subsidy Removal: NGO Conducts Free Seminar for School Owners and Managers on Survival.

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NGO Conducts Free Seminar for School Owners and Managers on Survival.

A Non- Governmental Organization in Nigeria, Human Enhancement Institute and Consults (HEI) has embarked on the free training of school owners and managers across the country on surviving the current economy situation in Nigeria as a result of fuel subsidy removal by Tinubu administration.


The training conducted online has the theme ‘Surviving the current economy situation as educators in Nigeria‘ started on Friday 30th June ,2023 and has participants across the country.


The topic treated on Friday, “Modern Techniques for retaining learners and increase enrollment” has the course objectives as:


1. To strenghten against the aftermaths of Covid 19lock down which still bites.


2. To show the Peculiarity of different types of schools and figure out survival both in scarcity and surplus.


3. To help know how to continue in business despite the economic instability, inflation due to fuel subsidy removal , which has brought about high cost in the prices of commodities needed in school such as markers, chalks, text books, note books, printing, uniforms, game wears, cardigan, capital project etc.


4. To know what to do in regard to Teachers, Parents and learners satisfaction in the face of inflation.


5. To learn the modern ways of managing situations and people in school despite all odds.


The representative of Human Enhancement Institute and Consults and the Lead Director, Da-Silva Johnson spoke to ‘TEC NEWS’ on the reason for the initiative and he said it is to help the school owners and managers especially in the Private sector succeed as they bear the brunt of these stringent economy.


“We at Human Enhancement Institute and Consults has been doing this for years. We have been carrying out our mandate which is ‘giving helping hands’. We noticed the effect of lockdown still bites hard on school owners and managers. I am personally aware that during Covid 19 pandemic and lock down, some school owners actually died due to Finacial pressure, especially those indebted to the banks. Since then, some schools could not stop owing staff salaries as they just kept paying the old salaries while the new ones waits. It has not been easy for them at all. Now, we are faced with fuel subsidy removal and price of commodities are skyrocketing. Teachers would be adversely affected and learning aids, teaching aids and other school materials would become so tall to reach. How would they cope?”


He continue and said “The moment parents can’t afford the fees of their wards, schools are left stranded. There are some of them that even if school fees are increased, to what amount would be able to cater for the day-to-day running of the school, paying taxes since they still battle multiple taxation, levies and maintain standard. You see, it is much. Only school buses fee due to hike in fuel pump prices is enough to chase some children out of school, if their parents won’t be able to drop and pick their wards in school because they packed their cars as well since they can’t fuel them”. The time is really tough and it’s just begining as we guess and the president has been pleading with Nigerians to be patient. We therefore have to think out of the box since we are faced with reality here and one of the ways to help in our own little way is to talk to them and help them with relevant information that would aid them navigate the situation, and their vision to educate the young minds can still go on”.


The seminar on Friday has the subtopic such as Factors to be considered in achieving retention of learners and increase enrollment, 4 things to do to achieve the retention and increase of wards, 5 dangers of doing nothing in regard to the situation, 8 benefits of increasing enrollment, 5 challenges of increasing enrollment, 15 modern techniques in increasing enrollment, and lots more, though could not be completed due to time factor but participants were told to request for the manual in full if they are interested.


The program, strictly arranged for School owners and Administrators lasted for 2 hours as it started by 4pm and ended by 6pm in all.


The Lead Director said the program continues next week with more topics to be discussed which includes, Modern Techniques for retaining Teachers and bringing more to apply for employment opportunities, ideal speech and prize giving and graduation ceremony that can grow the school, repositioning the school in the face of stringent economy , contending insecurity for schools etc.

Some of the participants who spoke on their experiences in regard to the program apluad Human Enhancement Institute and the resource person for an educative initiative and for making it free. Some of them in their own words via WhatsApp text message said.

“The lecture is a thorough one indeed and would yield great results if we do all we have learnt,God bless the facilitators”. Code 5. E. A. Abuja (That is Mrs Esther Akunna).

“It is quite impact full. I learnt a lot and I really do appreciate. I pray for more wisdom for you”. Mr Akuwaba .O. Nicholas.

Mrs Jimba said:
“I’m truly blessed and enriched by all the ideas given during this meeting. Looking forward to more. Thank you very much Sir”.

while Mr Sunday James said;
“The lecture is an eye opener to me. It is interesting and educative. I wish we continue but since you promised us that second batch is coming. We will be waiting for it. Thanks and God bless you”.

Human Enhancement Institute has also offered to conduct Capacity Building Training for Private Schools who are interested in preparation for next Academic Session to help them save the money budgeted for capacity building training or use it for another purpose that would causion the effects of hardship this tough period. The Lead Director say so and said the Institute is ready to go across Nigeria for this training and for Free!

He also revealed that the program is co-sponsored by Human Enhancement Institute and The Expozer Communications, Abuja.

Friday program has partnering educational consultants from Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe and Nigeria and has participants from Abuja, Nasarawa, Lagos, Ibadan, Enugu and Zamfara State.



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