NBC sanctions 25 stations for contravening broadcasting code during Presidential, NASS elections

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25 stations were penalized by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) for breaking the Nigeria Broadcasting Code during the presidential and National Assembly elections on February 25.

It sent letters of warning to 16 other negligent stations.

These were revealed on Wednesday in Abuja at a news conference by its Director-General, Balarabe Ilelah.

He claimed that some of the stations permitted guests, callers, and analysts to use their platforms to make unwholesome political points detrimental to the nation’s corporate existence.

He advised broadcast stations to carry out their duties in a professional manner.

“The Commission sanctioned 25 broadcast stations before and during the recently completed presidential and National Assembly elections.

“Sixteen additional people received final warnings for violating the Nigeria Broadcasting Code’s rules.

“Seventeen stations were penalized for airing partisan content in the 24 hours leading up to the election.

“Three stations received sanctions for making inciting remarks, while one station received a sanction for declaring results before authorized returning officers did so.

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16 stations received final warnings for various violations, while four stations received sanctions for their divisive, ethnic, and religious content, the official said.

In advance of the upcoming March 18 governorship and Houses of Assembly elections, Mr. Ilelah warned broadcasters against breaking the code.

“The Commission reiterates that all broadcasters must strictly abide by the code’s requirements as the governor and Houses of Assembly elections draw near.

The National Broadcasting Act CAP N11 Laws of the Federation, 2004 must also be followed.

The code warns broadcasters to make sure that any political advertisements, jingles, announcements, or other forms of partisan identification or symbols are finished airing no later than 24 hours before election day.

It declares that no vote cast at a polling place or from an exit poll should be used to predict or speculatively assess a candidate’s chances.

It clearly states that only the authorized electoral officer for the election may declare the winner or announce the election results.

Broadcasters must be in charge of the broadcast’s content, according to Mr. Ilelah.

He praised the media for the crucially important part they play in society, particularly in the democratic process and in the advancement of the country.

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