Nigerian Police warns Pranksters on dangerous Pranks.

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Nigerian police warns pranksters on dangerous Pranks.

The Nigerian Pranksters and skit makers have been sternly warned by The Nigeria Police Force on the need to regulating their contents.

The Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi who issued the warning on Thursday night in a viral video, said the activities of the pranksters create more problems for the police on security management than what they (pranksters) gain from such pranks.

According to the police, they will be made to face the wrath of the law for any harm their actions cause.

Adejobi, in the clip, reteirated that personnel of the force operating across the country should not be blamed for killing an innocent person if by any chance they shoot any prankster seen with a gun – be it a dummy or a real one – as the person might be mistaken for an armed criminal.

His words;

“This is getting out of hand and we need to talk to ourselves on this pranks (sic). Most of you that do pranks must be very careful. Moderate what you do.

“There are things you do that will constitute offence and you will not be able to hold it because the law is not respecter of anybody. The law will not pity you. The law will not consider you for anything.

“Whatever it is, so far you are old enough to have criminal responsibility, you are going to face the music. You are to face the wrath of the law.

“So, beware the way you do pranks but not the way the thing is going now. No regulation, no decorum. You do it at will, the way you want, and it is creating more problem to us than what you think you are deriving from it.

“On majorly, some of you that go to the extent of carrying guns, either dummy, real or fake guns or whatever you call it, it is dangerous. You are exposing your lives to dangers. If I’m a policeman in the street and I see you with a gun, I wouldn’t know it is a prank, I can even fire at any time.

“You won’t go on blaming our men on operations that they have gunned down an innocent person. At that time, are you actually an innocent person or you are to be treated as an armed robber or criminal who is fully armed. Regulate this and if you cannot regulate it, stop doing pranks.”

In the recent times, several youth have been trending on social media as pranksters and creating content that entertains, create fun and laughter while others can be scary and some extremely dangerous while most time, their unsuspecting targets are left in the dark until the end of the prank games.



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