On Valentine’s Day, NACA warns against youth indiscriminate sex

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Gambo Aliyu, the NACA’s director general, has cautioned Nigerians against engaging in unusual behavior on Valentine’s Day because it could put them at risk for contracting deadly diseases like HIV.

The majority of people, especially young people, engage in sexual activity with the other sex on Valentine’s Day, according to a statement signed by Aliyu, who noted that this is because they have misunderstood the holiday’s true meaning and intent.

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He claims that many individuals engage in risky behaviors during this time, increasing their risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and other STDs.
Though Valentine’s Day is significant to people all over the world, Aliyu continued by saying that it also gives rise to a lot of concern because, particularly among adolescents, youths, and other diverse populations, expressions of love frequently fall out of context.

In order to protect their loved ones from harm of any kind and to minimize risks that might make them susceptible to HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, he urged the youth to express love in the context of having a deep caring for them.


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