Ondo woman struggling with rapist falls, dies

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Gbegele Mustapha, a man, has been taken into custody by the Ondo State Police Command after being suspected of playing a role in the passing of Adijat Olaoye.

The police claim that the suspect made an attempt to rape the victim while she was alone in her room in the Fanibi neighbourhood of Akure, which is the capital of the state.


The 58-year-old woman is said to have fallen while trying to free herself while she was struggling to do so, and she subsequently died as a result.

When asked about the arrest on Tuesday at the state police headquarters in Akure, the state Commissioner of Police, Taiwo Jesubiyi, stated that the suspect was a Togolese man who worked as a labourer in the area.

Jesubiyi also mentioned that the suspect was under the influence of the Indian hemp that he smoked when he committed the crime.

According to the head of the police department, “on May 17, 2023, a case of attempted rape was reported at the Fanibi Division against one Gbegele Mustapha aged 29 years, a Togolese who works as a labourer.” He entered the room of a woman named Mrs. Adijat Olaoye, who was 58 years old, with the intention of raping her. She fell to the ground after hitting her head while struggling with the other woman.

“Neighbours who heard the noise rushed into her room and saw her bleeding, she was taken to the hospital while the suspect was arrested,” said the judge in the case of the 21-year-old rapists who were given life sentences in Ekiti. The woman ultimately passed away at the medical facility.

During his interrogation, the suspect stated that he was under the influence of the Indian hemp that he had consumed earlier in the day.

The head of the police department also discussed the arrest of several individuals who were thought to be members of a cult in Owo, which is the administrative centre of the Owo Local Government Area in the state.

“In response to the horrific activities carried out by cultists in Owo and the surrounding areas, the command organised raids of the affected areas. Area Commander Owo was in charge of these operations. The commissioner stated that the teams, which included all tactical teams, were successful in breaking into the suspects’ hideouts and arresting them there.

Fadaunsi Monday, age 27, Oluwafemi Ajayi, age 34, Adewale Monday, age 22, Olopona Olamide, age 27, Ifedayo Michael, age 20, Isiaka Jimoh, age 30, and Olatunji Ojo, age 35, are all suspected of being involved.

After the conclusion of the investigation, according to the commissioner, all of the suspects will be brought before the court and charged with the crime.


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