Pastor Adeboye reveals why I don’t have high blood pressure at age 81

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, has stated that despite his age of 81, he has never had blood pressure problems.

The man of God explained that it was because he decided to cast all his burdens on God and rest in Him while overseeing churches all over the world.

While admitting that there are some difficulties, Adeboye stated that he has never lost sleep because he understands that he cannot be everywhere at once.

He reportedly said this during his sermon at Friday’s Morning Devotion, noting that he rests because he trusts God to handle all of the issues.

“By the grace of God, I am 81 years old; by His Grace, I oversee churches in several countries around the world.” My blood pressure has always been within normal limits.

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“(They will call to say) The missionary in Cambodia has been arrested because they thought the church we purchased was too beautiful; where did we get the money to purchase it?” They will say that the pastor in Ethiopia is suffering from a headache because we recently dedicated a new building, and they believe that now is the time for you Nigerians to leave.

“They’ll call to say that some people in Libya discovered we just bought some new church equipment, so they came to attack.”

“Reports are pouring in from all over, but am I losing sleep?” I know I can’t be in Cambodia and Israel at the same time. I cannot be in two places at the same time.

“However, there is someone who is always present. I rest because I know He will handle everything. Rest is one of the things you require for your body and soul. He is the one who says, “say on to the righteous, and it shall be well with him.” “You cannot be ashamed if Christ is in you,” Adeboye said.

While discussing Psalm 18:1-3, the man of God emphasized the importance of resting physically and relaxing spiritually in God, saying that God can take care of those who relax in Him.

He urged Christians to be’married to Jesus’ and to stay within the boundaries of His city, saying that this is when they can rest spiritually.

“When you become a Christian, you marry Jesus. You’re surrounded by a fire wall. Anyone from the outside who comes to touch you will be burned.

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“You will be burned if you dare to leave the city of the wall of fire.” But if you’re willing to stay within the city’s boundaries and you know who your saviour and healer are, you can rest.

“You will rest because if you obey your ‘husband,’ anyone who tries to fight you will be smitten before you.” He preached, “You don’t have to fight to win.”

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