Peter Obi is an Eagle with large wings, whoever clings to it, fly unceasingly

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Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party is an eagle with very large wings, and whoever clings to the wings will fly with him unceasingly.

So many unexpected events happened on the day of the presidential election that people did not care who the candidates were for the senate and house of representatives under the Labor Party. As such, the wings of Peter Obi carried them all through, and they emerged winners in the senate and the house of representatives, even Okada Rider. A New Nigeria is possible! The drop in rain across many states after the presidential election during the vote counting shows also the tears of joy from Heaven that a Nigeria is to be born into the country, and it is the season of youth: “A POWER OF STRENGTH, WISEDOME, CREATIVITY, EQUITY, JUSTICE, IMPARTIALITY, AND TECHNOLOGY.”

We urge the youth in Nigeria and all over the world to get prepared and ready for a mass protest. Which will be done if, after the first court sitting, was not to birth the New Nigeria or they adjourn the case?

Therefore, all the youth, whether Muslim, Christian, or of any other religion or tribe, should come out that day for a peaceful protest.

We are calling out all the media to cover the event. Every protest in any country must be covered and recorded for future reference.

Observe your peaceful protest in that country in a group, and every Nigerian soul in that country must be involved.

We also use this medium to call on the federal government to respite the hearts of the youth and declare Peter Obi, the president of Nigeria, in order to save the Nigeria movement in 2023.


Feyijimi Benjamin Ayomide, who is 25 years old and is running as a candidate for the Labour Party to represent the Ido constituency in the Oyo state House of Assembly
It Is Possible to Create a New Nigeria!




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