Politicians’ struggle to maintain old naira note not for Nigerians – actor Okon Lagos

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Bishop Umoh, aka Okon Lagos, a comedian, has claimed that the fight by politicians to preserve old naira notes is not in the interest of Nigerians.

On Friday morning, he announced this on his Instagram account.

The actor said that the policy regarding the redesign of the naira was not meant to punish the average person, but rather to maintain free and fair elections, adding that politicians who bought votes still had the exact notes that were no longer accepted as legal tender.

No desperate Nigerian politician seeking votes genuinely cares about you, he wrote. You shouldn’t support their battle to maintain the legal tender status of all old currency!

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Just make N200, N100, N50, N20, N10, and N5 available, please. It will be sufficient to meet everyone’s financial needs.

These politicians are buying votes with exact old currency notes that are no longer accepted as legal tender (N1000 and N500).

Let the elections be over, guys. Not punishing the average person is the goal of this fight. It aims to produce fair elections! Make us less irritable, Abeg. E go, let’s finish!

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