Popular Association Changes Leadership in Nasarawa LGA.

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Popular Association Changes Leadership in Nasarawa LGA

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The Leadership of Akwanga Local Government Chapter level of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, NAPPS has been changed on Friday.

The Association headed by a Coordinator, Mrs Peace Agu of De-Ultimate Glory Academy, Akwanga whose tenure has expired after four years is now having another chapter Coordinator, Mrs Joy Oludu of Oludu Excellence Academy, Akwanga, Nasarawa State.

Ogah Oludu Joy (Mrs) Newly Elected Chapter Coordinator, NAPPS, Akwanga, Nasarawa State.



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TEC News Correspondent who was at the NAPPS Secretariat in Akwanga on Friday reports that an election was conducted into various offices by interested participants and 7 candidates were elected unopposed into 7 seats of the Associations hierarchy.

New Executive Members taking Oath of Office.

The candidates that emerged include;
1. Mrs Oga Joy Oludu, Oludu Excellent Academy – Chapter Coordinator.
2. Mr Ahmadu Abubakar, Maimunat Global Academy – Assistant Chapter Coordinator.
3. Mr Sunday Abawen – Brightway Academy, Kurmin-tagwaye – Chapter Secretary.
4. Mrs Janet Albert, Shalom Schools – Asst Secretary.
5. Mrs Rukkaya Abdullahi, Owala Academy – Financial Secretary.
6. Mrs Mberi Dokong; Hosanna Academy –  Chapter Treasurer.
7. Mrs Mavis Jimba; Solid Foundation- Chapter Auditor.

Other seats available such as Pro, Welfare, Legal Adviser etc are yet to be filled as by-election continues after other elections of the Association on different levels are concluded.

New Executive Members and Electoral Committee Members.



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Meanwhile, the newly elected officials have been inaugurated and oath of office taken as led by the State Electoral Committee SECOM officials in person of the Chairman, Ambassador Francis Zackor and his Secretary, Mr Tayo while certificate of returns have been duly issued and given to the new officials who are expected to assume office with immediate effect.

Assistant Coordinator (Right) and Chapter Secretary (Left)


In an interview with the officials immediately after their swearing-in, the newly elected Coordinator said she is looking forward to the cooperation of the team members, the immediate past executive members and the support of the members in general in other to take the association to greatness and higher heights.

Sunday Ali Abawen
Chapter Secretary



Joy Oludu commended the efforts of the Electoral committee both on Chapter and the State level for their tireless efforts. In her own words ;

“My chapter should be looking forward to greatness and higher height. My chapter is a peaceful chapter, we tried to work together and we are coordinated. I will work with my co-exco and we would bring out a program that can help the chapter for the next four years. I appreciate NAPPS Akwanga Chapter and my prayer is God would give us the grace to lift the chapter to a higher height”.

Mrs Peace Agu, Immediate Past Chapter Coordinator and Newly Elected Assistant Secretary, Mrs Janet Albert (Right).



The immediate past Coordinator, Mrs Peace Agu described the election process as very calculative and successful and thanks the LECOM and SECOM for thorough screening to ensure that only qualified candidates emerged.

“Very calculative and successful election process. I am feeling so excited because the person coming onboard, we have worked together closely for over four years and I am very optimistic and confident with high hope that they would do well and succeed more than the past regime did”, Agu said.

Chairman LECOM and former Chapter Chairman Mr Ben Gabi


The newly elected Secretary, Sunday Ali Abawen said members should expect positive difference as he is ready to work together with the team to achieve success. He promised to work hand in hand with the task force and exco to help eradicate legal migration of learners from school to school.

Chapter Treasurer, Mrs Mbari Dokong


“I thank my chapter for their cooperation and we promise that we would not fail them in this assignment given to us”. Mr Sunday added.

Mrs Rukkaya Abdullahi, Financial Secretary


The Chairman of the Local Electoral Committee, LECOM, Mr Ben Gabi of Redeemer College, Akwanga and his team thank the member of the committee and described the election conducted peaceful and that he is happy with the outcome and his prayer is that what has been done would lift the chapter in the next 4 years.

The State Electoral Committee, SECOM Chairman talking to TEC News correspondent said he is very happy that a successful election has been done. He said he believes that with the caliber of people elected, if they unite together, would do very well.

The Assistant Secretary, Mrs Janet Albert said she doesn’t believe that assistant would be irrelevant when the main official is available but with her, she would be available so that she can remain relevant. She promise to look for those that are not active and bring them back to the fold as the bond between the chapter need to continue.

The New Treasurer believes that God would help her to do her best in her new role and advise the members to support the new team as the newly elected exco work together in unity not only Akwanga, but up to the State and National level, Mrs Mbari Dokong said.

The New Financial Secretary pledged that she made up her mind to sacrifice and serve and that she would be committed while the net elected Assistant Coordinator vowed that the new team would ensure that more people participate in the next election.

Our projection in the next 4 years is to make Akwanga Chapter NAPPS a unique one that can be compared with other chapters in Nasarawa State and beyond.


Ogah Joy Oludu, the newly elected Coordinator is the Proprietress of Oludu Excellence Academy, Akwanga. TEC News gathered that she has been the Publicity Secretary and later, acting Secretary of the Association before her new assignment. Joy Oludu would be the 5th Akwanga Chapter Coordinator.

Ambassador Francis, SECOM Chairman and the Secretary.


Honourable Boniface Ironumbe is the Nasarawa State Chairman of the Association.


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