Prankster Risks Jail for Pranking Minor Sexually

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Prankster Risks Jail For Pranking Minor Sexually

An Ibadan based Prankster, Digital Content Creator and Skit Makers Abdullahi Adisa, popularly called Trinity may spend five years in prison over his outrageous pranks which he was alleged to have sexually exploited a female child in Oyo State, an act that is punishable under the Child Rights Act of 2003

The punishment may be slammed on Trinity as the Nigerian Police prepares to drag him before court over his conduct during the prank on the child, a clear violation of Sec. 32,35 and 36 of the Child Rights Act.

The law, especially Section 36 subsection 1b indicated that anyone that publish harmful content “is liable on conviction to a fine of fifty thousand Naira or imprisonment for a term of five years or both”.

Trinity may be dragged before the court alongside parents of the child, 40years old Isiaka Ahmed, who is the father, and the 29years old mother, Rofiat, that approved that the Skit Maker upload and disseminate the content where their daughter was allegedly sexually exploited and abused.

This was disclosed on Friday by the police after the Skit Maker turned himself in, in order to prevent the law enforcement agency coming after him, following his invitation on the skit that had continued to attract reactions from members of the public.

It added that Trinity honoured the invitation extended to him to report to the command and on his arrival, he reported before the police in the company of his legal counsel.

The Force spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, in a tweet through his handle, said: “He will surely be charged to court on monday. We have received several complaints against him, and many groups, NGOs, and CLOs are interested in the case. There is no sentiment in law, like i always say. Other should be able to learn from his actions and inactions.

“Many have reached out to me on this case, but i have made it known that it’s not a personal thing. it’s the provision of the law, decency, and morals”.

In a statement via the Oyo command’s Twitter handle earlier, Police said preliminary investigations revealed that the obscene video violated sections 32, 35, and 36 of the Child Rights Act of 2023.

According to the police, the viral video depicts the explicit sexual exploitation of a minor who was compelled to give a disturbing description of male genitalia.

Police also claimed that the skit maker provided shocking revelations about the involvement of the minor’s parents before, during, and after the production.

In the statement, Trinity was alleged to have emphasized that he sought the consent of both parents before uploading the skit online.

Meanwhile, Police said they had quizzed the girl’s parents, Isiaka Ahmed and his wife, Rofiat, alongside Trinity at the Gender and Juvenile-Related Offences Desk of the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID.

According to the statement, Creative content creator and skit maker, Abdullahi Maruf Adisa ‘aka’ Trinity reported at the premises of the Oyo State Police Command today Friday 23/06/2023 at about 1000hrs in the company of his legal counsel to honour an invitation extended to him by the Command.

“Recall that a formal invitation was extended to Trinity age ’31yrs’ by the Oyo State Police Command yesterday, Thursday 22/06/2023 in connection with an obscene viral video where a female minor was sexualized in a reprehensible dialogue devoid of ethical and moral values.

“Preliminary Investigations revealed that the obscene video which was a clear violation of Sec. 32,35 and 36 of the Child Rights Act of 2023 depicts explicit sexual exploitation of the minor who was compelled to give disturbing descriptive details of a Male genital 3/11

“In addition the Skit Maker during the course of the interview provided shocking revelations about the involvement of the minor’s parents before, during and after the production.

“He particularly emphasized that the consent of both Parents was sought before uploading the skit on the internet.

“Consequent on the above, Isiaka Ahmed ‘m’ 40yrs’ and his Wife Rofiat ’29yrs’, both biological parents of the minor are presently being quizzed by the Gender/Juvenile Related Offences Desk of the SCID alongside Trinity”.

Recently, the Police Spoke Person warned against dangerous Pranks in a viral video addressing the press, as it might lead to the unexpected including death and skit makers and pranksters were advised to create content with caution.

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