Road Safety : Commission Lists 17 Items that must be in every moving vehicle.

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Road Safety : Commission Lists 17 Items that must be in every moving vehicle.

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The Federal Road Safety Commission , FRSC has made available the list of needed 17 items in any vehicle that plies the road in Nigeria as safety measures.

The Commission is empowered by law to carry out routine checks on all vehicles plying Nigerian roads.

The body stressed that certain gadgets are supposed to be carried by every vehicle that must be on Nigerian roads across the country at all times.

The FRSC Establishment act 2007 empowers the Commission in  Section 19  to stop vehicle and carry out routine checks to ensure compliance with laid down laws.

The underlisted are expected to be seen in any vehicle by the officers of the commission on patrol when they intercept vehicles for checks.

1. Warning Triangle (C-Caution).

2. Fire Extinguisher.

3. Jack.

4. Spare Tire.

5. First Aid Kit.

6. Wheel Spanner.

7. Water.

8. Hydraulic.

9. Transmission Fluid.

10. Touch Light.

11. Spare Fan Belt.

12. Expiry Date on Tires.

13. Razor Blade.

14. Vehicle License.

15. Insurance Certificate.

16. Proof of Ownership.

17. Driving License.

TEC News correspondent reports that items listed can save any driver Incase of break down of vehicle in isolated places or at night if instructions are adhered.




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