The value of a good education

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Have you ever attended any schools? The vast majority of people are able to answer yes, but not everyone is. The fact that untold millions of children do not attend school on a regular basis and that this situation has persisted for a significant amount of time has resulted in a sizeable population of adults who are illiterate. Having said that, a solid education is an essential requirement. The Holy Scriptures place a strong emphasis on the importance of cultivating wisdom.

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For instance, in Proverbs chapter three verse twenty-one it says, “Guard your practical wisdom and your ability to think,” and in Proverbs chapter four verse seven it says, “Wisdom is the most important thing, so acquire wisdom, and with all that you acquire, acquire understanding.” A wide range of information and an in-depth comprehension are necessary components of wisdom. Wisdom is strengthened by understanding, which also makes a significant contribution to the discretion and foresight of a person, both of which are notable characteristics of wise people. The biblical understanding of wisdom places an emphasis on sound judgment, which is based on knowledge and understanding; the ability to use knowledge and understanding successfully in order to solve problems, avoid or avert dangers, achieve certain goals, or counsel others in doing so.

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