10 things Leadership Amplifies in a Leader.. 

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10 things Leadership Responsibilities Amplifies.

One of the things that many people admire is leadership position. Sometimes, even those that says they are not interested in a particular leadership position are just saying it as mare words but inwardly, they desire same position.

Apart from the benefits associated with leadership position, there are also a whole lots of challenges attached to every office. Some of these challenges are classified normal and inevitable but there are also some that a whole lots people that are not aware of certain issues associated to leadership and one of such are the things that leadership responsibilities amplifies in a leader.

Sometimes, it might be better to stay low and lead from the crowd or from the back than to be in a leadership position or be assigned into leadership responsibilities, especially if the person involved likes his or her privacy. However, there are lots of reasons that makes leadership responsibilities a better option.

Amplify means to make more pronounced, projected and conspicuous. Leadership has away of bringing out the leader and exposing the leader to those around the leader and those afar as well. Some people who might have never met the leader can even know few or a lots of things about the leader due to stories about the leader and shared experiences or personal link. This few lines are to reveal to us few things in a leader that can easily be amplified about the leader and number is the;

1. Fear. Every genuine leader has a level of fear especially at the begining of his assignment. Fear of failing, fear of committing possible error, fear of whose decision would be affected or hurt, Fear of been criticized or hated etc. The fear in a leader might go beyond been newly begining the assignement but even at every point of decision making, crisis or conflict management, displeasing the boss or making subordinate of team members respect and comply with the leadership principles , rules or decisions. This fear sometimes can be converted to strange actions and certain decisions.

2. Excitement. Those who are happy that they got the seat of leadership and sometimes hide same has away of been betrayed by themselves and actions the moment they are in power and there daily actions can tell there excitement.

3. Competence. There is away assignment can give out the assigned to be discovered as competent or not competent to handle the exualted seat of authority. Leadership can amplify the leaders capability or otherwise.

4. Weakness. It is taken that no one is perfect and everyone with flesh and blood has one weakness or the other. Some of these weakness has away of been amplified by leadership responsibilities. The weakness might be or an auction for drunkenness, for some, smoking and for others could be the opposite sex and to some, appetite for money etc. Some weakness are lighter such as anger, being emotional, sentimental, tribalistic , religious fanaticism etc. Whatever the weakness of a leader is, it must be exposed to some quarters no matter how it is kept away from the public and somethings that few people would do and it doesn’t matter, the leader would do less or same and be in trouble as he suffers backbiting, slandering, gossips and identity damage. It is advised that certain leadership responsibilities should be avoided if weakness is yet to be dealth with.

5. Limitations. The leader at a point might not be able to hide his limitations in term of level knowledge, competency, capacity, nonintelligence, illiteracy, resources strenght etc.The limitations would be amplified once you become the incharge.

6. Skills or technicality. Yes, the level of skills and technicality or strategies of the leader would be amplified and noticed within a short time or at critical times.

7. Attitude. Yes, behaviour is said is like a smoke that would always be up for many to notice from time to time. A lier as a nobody would be a liar when he or she becomes somebody. Responsibilities can actually push or change a person especially in time of pressure. This attitude goes a longer way than the name or skills of any leader.

8. Flairs. What the leader likes and have flairs for has a way of been exposed the moment leadership begins. It could be style of walk, dance, posture, fashion styles, etc. Very soon , those around especially the subordinate and loyalists can beging to emulate same.

9. Family and relationships. The leader begin to hear the stories or rumours of what is going or not going on in his or her relationship , friendship and marriage the moment leadership comes up. Birthday, disagreements or even outing of the leader becomes an interest to those around or even afar off.

10. Hubbies. The leaders hubbies becomes general hubbies most times. Those around would want to copy or practice the same game, pleasure moments etc of the leader.

We are stopping this here until we meet again. Thank you for reading.


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