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23 things every woman should know how to do.

Womanhood is a stage acquirable only by female genders. Many younger girls desire the womanhood and many ladies try to practice womanhood but everyone need to know that womanhood is more a responsibility and not just a status. To be called a woman is not the same as been a woman indeed. This article reveals 23 things a woman should know how to do to be a woman indeed.


1. Respect. A real woman respect and honour everyone especially her own husband. It is better not to marry than to to marry someone you can’t respect. Respectful and submissive wives enjoy their marriage and stay longer than the one without those virtues.


2. Care. A woman priority should be the wellness of her home which comprises her Husband, Children and other people living with her in that house. The care should cover safety, neatness, comfort, image and etc.


3. Cook. If a woman must be called a woman, she should be able to cook many types of delicacies beyond her culture and that her husband’s. As a young girl or a lady who desire to marry, it is important to know how to cook tasty meals under very good hygiene and be served timely and neatly well. Patronizing Eateries daily is expensive tend to make a woman lose respect.


4. Clean. A real woman should be able to clean herself well and regularly too. Clean environment project a woman better than dirty and unkept environment. Clean yourself, children, home and surounding daily.


5. Plait. It is important that a woman can plait the hair of her female children even if it is done once in a while. This can save some money for the family and bound the family since most time, hair do by mother makes the family stay together for that period too.

6. Work. It is known to everyone that it is expected especially on African that man work to fend for his family but what do you think would go wrong if the woman decides to help her husband provide for the family? Sometimes, some husband would stop their wives from working on the ground of not neglecting the home and children but sometimes, it is because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his wife whom in his thinking can be tempted by men. However it is, a woman can work form home and do simple things that can make her have her own money, take care of her own parent and siblings and possibly help her husband.


7. Sew. A real woman should be able to use tread and needle effectively to help herself and family. Some turn bedshit, shirt, trouser, etc can be mended freely and cheaply. A woman should learn how to sew using machine either manual or electrical machines to sew school uniforms, ceremonial wears etc. This would safe cost and enjoy freedom and self creativity.

8. Give. It can be terrible for a woman to be stingy with resources. A woman should be able to give in another make people happy and a woman should always give gift to her husband even without waiting for an occasion.


9. Accommodate. Accepting people and embracing people should be a part of a real woman. Despite you need to be careful with people, there are bad people everywhere, a woman should be able to relate and embrace using her talent of discernment.


10. Tolerate. Patience, selfcontrol, longsuffering , endurance are virtues a woman must not lack. Even God gave the pain and responsibilities of giving birth to women knowing they can ensure more.


11. Sex. A real woman should be good in bed as it is usually said. This does not real mean a woman should learn sex as single or drop the idea of getting married as a virgin but to learn theoritically through reading and discussing with married and responsible women to gather information about sex as they plan their wedding. A woman can also continue learning from her husband inside the marriage. If you don’t like sex, stay out of marriage and if you are married, embrace sex in your marriage and do well everytime.

12. Bath and Nurse Babies. Many women wait until they have their first child before learning how to bath. Some don’t even care as they push the responsibility to their mother or the mother inlaw or even the wife of naigbour, religious leader etc. What an error. You need to know that your children would grow and put to bed tomorrow and they would depend on mother or grand mother of mother inlaw for the baby’s wellbeing. Learn with naigbour, friends, sisters, relative baby before your time finally come. Love children and show interest in them.

13. Preserve. A real woman should be a preserver. Keeping things safe and even her own body. A real woman do not sleep around but dedicate her body to her husband and committed to moral values.


14. Pray. A real woman is a praying woman. Irrespective of religion, prayer is general and a real woman should know how to pray for herself, husband, children, welfare, health etc. Before you marry, learn to pray and serve God.

15. Understand. This is critical. It is this understanding that can make a woman live with her husband and in her husband’s house. A real woman understands her husband and so relate, understand her children one after the other. Even understand each of her inlaws and neighbor.


16. Watch. A real woman has the duty to keep a watch over her home and children. There safety, their characters, talents, skills and attitude formation should be watched and would be known by a watching mother.


17. Economize. Since a woman has the responsibility of managing the home front, husband, children and resources would always be limited and needs unlimited, she must learn and know how to manage resources. Wastage must be controlled and judicious use of resources a priority.

18. Sense. Discernment is an ability to sense things even before they take place of come near. God has giving that gift of discernment to women that they can tell you the bad ones among your friends. They cans sense a wrong steps towards your job, contract, investment etc. Every woman has it but not all women use it. To be a real woman, you must use your sense greatly and to influence positively.

19. Drive. The woman might not have a car yet or she might even be single for now. However, and in marriage, the husband my have a car or later get one. The woman should be able to start learning how to drive immediately. The husband might be sick and the car would be useful to rich him to the hospital even at night. The husband might travel leaving the car behind and a child catches fever at night, the car can be used to the hospital. A real woman should know how to drive or ride a bike.


20. Negotiate. Yes. A real woman has the skills to negotiate the comfort and safety of herself and her household. There is no shame in negotiation. It is called bargaining power. Where the man is irrational in his decisions, the wife is rational because she would have thought it through. Where the man is rude, the woman avert the danger and the fight that looms. Where the man’s ego sprouts, the woman negotiate the peace that might elude the home. A woman influence is strong that a real woman would use it to negotiate the comfort and peace of the home.

21. Multitasking. Here we mean a woman who already has the gift of doing multiple things at the same time, a real woman maximize the skill the benefit of her home. A man can be ironing and might not be able to talk at the same time without burning the cloth but a woman can wash, cooking, and reading on her phone at the same time. A real woman can do three and multiple things together at the same time.

22. Literate. A real woman has to be literate even when not really educated. A real woman should know how to read, write and understand basic educative information. It has been discovered that school children with educated and available mother are performing more in their studies than those that mothers cannot read or write. Literate mother can help with home work while illiterate mother only watch the child struggle and do the home work or assignment.

23. Rise Early. Women who are early risers tend to be more productive and the children more industrious. Apart from a woman rising up daily and early to begin her chores, prepare school things and breakfast for all, the woman indirectly or directly trains the children in the same line who becomes better than her tomorrow.

Every girl, and single ladies should focus on imbibing these virtues and skills before the concern and despiration for marriage. The qualities above are what makes a real woman and if a woman is not a real woman, life is usually complicated. This understanding should help Africans know that the girl child too deserve to be educated.

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