Bode George makes U-turn, promises to collaborate with Tinubu if he is invited

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Olabode George, a former PDP deputy national chairman, has promised to assist President Bola Ahmed Tinubu if given the opportunity.

George has stated on multiple occasions that he cannot collaborate with Tinubu because of his long history of criticism of the former governor of Lagos State.

George has unexpectedly reversed course and stated that he will cooperate with President Tinubu’s administration if asked to fulfil his share of the nation-building burden.

This was said by the former PDP leader in an interview with journalists in Lagos.

“Like I said, there is nothing personal about my response. Look, I went through military training. George remarked, “You know, in the military, your brother is whoever is in the trench next to you.

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“When you ask what our military’s purpose is, what do you say? It is done to protect our nation. Why would I refuse if he approached me and asked, “Look, what do you think about this, what do you think about that, let’s work together in the interest of this country?” This country also taught me.

“I was trained by the military. I have travelled the entire planet, working out and doing training. This nation gave us training.

Therefore, in order to improve the system and make the younger generation happier, we must be able to contribute something.

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