Breaking: “All Eyes on the Judiciary” Mega Rally Begins In Abuja

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Breaking: “All Eyes on the Judiciary” Mega Rally Begins In Abuja

TEC News! 20th August 2023. 3.50 pm.

A Mega Rally campaign “on All Eyes on the Judiciary” commences in the Nation Federal Capital Territory, Abuja on Sunday 20th August 2023.

A group identified as the Coalition of Support Group announces this in a flier posted on ‘Peter Obi Movement’s Twitter Page on Sunday and TEC News correspondent gathered that hundreds of people are already on the streets of Abuja carrying different placards, flags and putting on Caps and T-shirts with the inscriptions  “All Eyes On the Judiciary”.

The postal content revealed that the rally tagged as ‘Abuja Mega Solidarity Nationwide for Justice’ has at the top right “All Eyes on The Judiciary” and also has ‘City Gate’ as a meeting point by 2 pm on Sunday 20th August 2023.


The comment on the post points the attention of the online community to the flier being free of any logo and other items:

” Kindly note: No Party Logo, No Party Flag, No Party T-shirt. Strictly T-Shirts, Caps, Flags and other materials bearing “All Eyes On the Judiciary”


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