Exposed! What politicians Destroyed, NAPPS Restores.

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Exposed! What politicians Destroyed, NAPPS Restores.

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Mr Tokunbo (Left) presenting an Award of Service to Apostle Da-Silva Johnson (Right).

The Representative of the ministry of education in Akwanga Local Government, Nasarawa State, Mr Tokunbo has said that the value destroyed by some Politicians in Nigeria is having hope of been restored by the Private Schools in Country.

He said this during the Dinner and Award night held by National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, NAPPS Akwanga Chapter on the 27th May, 2024.

In his word, Mr Tokunbo Adeoye said:
“NAPPS has succeeded In bringing back Old days where different schools come together and play sports, games etc, but the culture has long been lost.”


He also spoke about the unity and uniformity of religion that was witnessed in the program as a School made a full presentation in Arabic and there was no complain from the other religion. This has indeed shown the Dawn of a New Nigeria; something the Politicians have not been able to do all these years. He also implored NAPPS and proprietors to live by the words of the paper presented by the guest speaker, Mr OGA THOMAS ONA.

Mr Thomas Oga

Also when the Coordinator NAPPS Akwanga Chapter Mrs Joy Oga Oludu spoke, she appreciated all proprietor’s and everyone for there help, love and support for coming together to make the event a success and employed everyone to always be there for each other.

“Indeed NAPPS is Restoring the lost unity, uniformity and Harmony once lost by division in the country and in the educational sector”. He added.

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