My wife abuses me, pulls my manhood anytime we fight, man tells court

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A Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has adjourned for further hearing, the divorce suit brought before it by a man, Ige, against his wife, Bukola on the accounts of being a dullard, abusive, irresponsible and in the habit of fighting.

Ige stated that his wife is a failure.

According to him, she is academically poor and lacked the ability to learn a vocation.

The plaintiff stated that she had failed WAEC woefully before he met her and that he promised her parents that she would re-sit for the examination after they were married, but that she showed no interest in furthering education when he brought up the issue after they were married.

Ige said he encouraged her to learn to sew and went further to buy her two sewing machines, but that she failed to make a head-way in the vocation.

According to the plaintiff, the only things the defendant was good at were abusing and fighting him.

Ige explained that Bukola targeted his manhood during fight and pulled it, thus leaving him screaming.

He pleaded for divorce and custody of their children.

Bukola was absent in court, although she was served court summonses.

Ige in his evidence said, “I met my wife through her brother.

“She was 20 years old when we got married and was through with secondary school education.

“She failed her secondary school leaving certificate examination woefully and her parents requested that I let her go back to school after we were married and I acceded to their request.

“My wife showed no interest in studying when I later discussed the issue with her, which made me encourage her to learn a vocation.

“She learnt to sew but could not make a head-way despite buying her two sewing machines.

“It became glaring that she is a dullard and cannot add any value to my life.

“Bukola rather than hide her head in shame still has the guts to fight me.

“She has a caustic tongue and abuses. She also fights me like a wounded lion.

“The only skill she has is that of targeting my manhood and pulling it when we fight.

“I  am no longer interested in our marriage.

“I, therefore pray the court to dissolve it.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, adjourned the case.

(Culled from Nigerian Tribune)

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