Kidnappers storm Abuja army housing estate, abduct woman as husband flees

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Kidnappers on Thursday night broke into the Nigeria Army Post-retirement Estate at Kurudu, Abuja, and whisked away a woman whose husband other fled their residence when the gunmen arrived.

The incident, which occurred at around 10:00 p.m. in the Phase 2 region of the estate, involved kidnappers entering the property and taking away a lawyer, Mr Cyril Adikwu’s wife and his mother-in-law.

An eyewitness, Austine John, the victim’s neighbor, claims that the kidnappers entered the lawyer’s home, opened fire, and seized his wife and in-law while he managed to flee.

He said: “It all started at about 10:00 when we suddenly started hearing gun shots and immediately we knew something was wrong I quickly went out to make sure my gate was well locked.

“We then heard the gun shots in the Barristers House and alerted the estate management who immediately swang into action and in a short time, the army people came around and started shooting too but before the came the kidnappers had taken the wife and the in law of the barrister.

“This is really traumatizing because we could not sleep through out the night due to fear of the kidnappers coming back. President Tinubu should pls help Nigerians put an end to this barbaric act by kidnappers.”

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