Twins who married same man dump him same day over small ‘cucumber’

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The estranged husband flanked by his twin wives.

A set of identical twin sisters, Owami and Olwathu, who decided to share the same husband, have tragically terminated the marriage.

According to the Zimbabwean twins, the marriage was terrible, as their estranged husband, Mzukiseni, was a serial abuser, lied about his previous marriage, and worse, could not satisfy them in bed because of the small size of his ‘cucumber’.

“He used to beat us. He poured diesel over the house but couldn’t find matches.

“If he had we’d be dead today. We fear he might end up doing something bad to us,” they explained.

Efforts to mend the marriage also failed with family members calling interventions to address the abuse claims.

Speaking to Zimbabwe’s local publication UTWEETS , the twins’ mother, Buyiswa Mvangeni (45) said she had at first believed a mature man would take care of her two babies.

“Mzazi called a meeting with both our families.

“But even then nothing changed.

“The abuse got out of hand and nothing could be done to save the marriage,” she said.

Mvangeni said that she couldn’t go to the police because the twins wouldn’t have liked that.

At of the time of filing the report, lawyers were already finalising the divorce proceedings.

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