Masari: Tinubu donates N100m to Katsina banditry victims

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The governor of Katsina, Aminu Masari, reports that Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, has given N100 million to the state’s banditry victims.

Banditry has become more prevalent over time in Katsina, the state from which President Muhammadu Buhari is originally.

Police recently reported that 41 people were killed in a gunman’s ambush.

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On Monday, Masari said his administration was making every effort to stop criminal activity in the state while speaking at a rally in Katsina.
“You will suffer the repercussions for years if you experiment with leadership for a brief period of time. The general election in 2023 will be between light and darkness, and the APC stands for light, according to the governor, as reported by NAN.

“The earlier chance that the other people had was not used by them to assist Nigerians, but with the little that we had, everyone has seen what we have accomplished.

“Young people and women have never been as engaged in politics and elections as they are now thanks to President Muhammad Buhari’s numerous programs for empowerment.”

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Over N37 billion was distributed among the state’s low-income residents in just six years, particularly in Katsina. As a result, you ought to avoid lying to you.

“You ought to support the APC in the upcoming elections.”

According to Masari, if the previous administrations had done things correctly, insecurity would not exist in some areas of the nation.

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