Pregnant daughter, mother fight dirty over same boy friend

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Pregnant daughter, mother fight dirty over same boy friend

6 weeks pregnant daughter and mother fights dirty over same boy friend in a video uploaded on social media recently by a Prankster who introduced himself as ‘scienty wonder’.

The video which contained the daughter who introduced herself as Adejoke, her mother, the prankster and two of his crew members started with a discussion which shortly grew into hot arguments mostly in Yoruba language and a little of English language spoke about their affairs with a guy called Ola and which both mother and daughter were not willing to let go as the daughter, Adejoke claimed to be 6 weeks pregnant for the guy already.

In the heat of the argument, a fight ensued between the mother and daughter while the prankstaers crew members tries to separate the fight but the angry woman chased everyone out of the compound , including her daughter who vow never to quit the relationship as the mother insisted.

In the argument, the daughter approached the mother to say that she invited her out of the house to meet the the people because she reported her to them to enable them iron out the issue in contention.

The Skit Maker intercepted and told the lady to explain the same case she reported to them and the lady, Adejoke told the mother that she had been having a feeling that she has a been dating her guy: Ola. In her own word mixed in both Yoruba and English Language;

“Mummy, I have this feeling that you are having an affairs with my boy friend” said Adejoke and the mother snappily interjected with a reply that shocked the daughter .

“Yes! I am having an affairs with him. What happened. Yes, I am having an affairs with him. That was the main reason I told you to abort the baby in your womb. You can’t give birth to that baby. Since your daddy died, did you see any man with me? Now that I have someone making me happy, you want me to leave him for you. No! You will not have him. You will not give birth to that baby. You have to terminate it”.

The daughter who has been talking back and in her words said a lot;

“You are a bad mother. I will have the child and I have even married him already. I will show you that your time had passed. I will not abort my baby. Ola is mine and if you don’t want me to marry him in your life time, I will behind you”.

See the video especially those who understand Yoruba language and tell us your thought on this to enable others learn.


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