Rotary Club builds toilets, classrooms for Nasarawa community

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By Perpetua Onuegbu
The Rotary Club of Abuja CBD has inaugurated three toilets and construction of two classrooms for the Central Primary School Gidan Gimba, in Karu Local Government Area, Nasarawa State.

The President of the club, Mr Max Amuchie, inaugurated the project in company of other members of the club along with the head of the community.

Amuchie said the club found it necessary to build the toilets for the school to prevent the pupils and staff from practicing open defecation.
He said that open defecation in this modern age was unhealthy and could breed diseases. So the club decided to build three toilets, one for the boys one for the girls and one for  staff.
“The facilities were built in Gidan Gimba because it was the adopted community of the club.
“In rotary club , every rotary club has an adopted community, a community you adopt that you go for humanitarian work, do outreach.
“They are lucky to have rotary as a partner not all communities are so lucky and as I have also said they should try and maintain what we have provided for them,” he said.
He said that the project was the second in the community, noting that the club had sunk and commissioned a borehole there in 2020.

He said the borehole was not running at the moment because its engine was faulty and would soon be repaired to pipe water from there to the toilets.

Speaking on other humanitarian activities of the club he said,   in 2022 Abuja CBD had  partnered with the other rotary clubs to impact the lives of other communities.
He said that these included medical outreach in Sabon Lugbe Community and eye testing and screening and eye glass donation in Utako village in FCT
“Those are two times we went outside our community,” he said.

He called on the government’s representatives at different levels to rise up to their responsibility in providing needed social amenities for the people, especially in  the community.

Speaking on what government should do as an intervention for the lack of facilities in the community, the club president said the community had representatives at every level of government.

“For us when we see a gap we try to fill it to the best of our ability we cannot do everything and we cannot go to all communities.
“We are limited in scope, this is our adopted community so what you have seen here is the effort of our club members and our friends.
`’Hopefully by the incoming rotary year the main building will be completed and it will be commissioned as well.”
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Amuchie’s tenure will end by June 30, as a new President will be elected on July 1, the club conducts elections and change leadership annually.

Toilet facilities built by the Rotary Club of Abuja CBD for Central Primary School Gidan Gimba, in Karu Local Government Area, Nasarawa State.


Speaking, Rotarian Nwaneka Ibekwe urged the children to use the facilities properly and help their community into a better community.
“What we have done is part of what we call SDG role, which as education, clean water and sanitation which are important for children.”
On her part, Mrs Martha Galadima, the Head teacher of the school was full of gratitude to the club for coming to their aid in providing  the toilet facilities.
“Before now both the teachers and the children go to the bush, they will urinate at the back of the class, we give God the glory for  what you people have done for us.
“So we still are crying for more so that they will come and finish the rest of the work for us.
“Presently we have only two classrooms, class  one to four use one class and class five and six use one class, no space for us no classes, and we have just two teachers for the whole school” Galadima said.
Earlier the Seriki of the community, Chief Danjuma Audi and the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Chairman, Mr Muhammed Poyi appreciated the club for its good work

The Seriki assured the club that the facilities would be judiciously used and maintained.(NAN)(

Edited by Isaac Aregbesola

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