72 hours after 2023 presidential election, Peter Obi delivers first speech

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Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s nominee for president in 2023, has urged all Nigerians, especially those who support him, to maintain peace and observe the law.
At the height of the controversy surrounding the coalition of the recently held 2023 presidential elections across Nigeria, Obi issues a call for calm.
In a video post on Tuesday, February 28, a Twitter user named Goodluck Okeechukwu claimed that his friend had met Obi on a flight from Asaba, the capital city of Delta state, to Abuja.

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The former governor of Anambra state, who has continued to be a leading candidate for the 2023 presidency, reassured many of his supporters, known as Obidients, that the party and his team are closely watching the activities of election result collation, according to Okechukwu.
In the video Okechukwu posted, Peter can be seen responding to inquiries from his friend regarding incidents involving the Independent National Electoral Commission’s collation of results (INEC).
In the Igbo language, the young man who first encountered Obi had said, “Now, after all the sufferings we went through, we are not happy.” Obi, who responded in Igbo, promised to handle everything delicately.
He stated: “Just relax. It moves delicately. Nigeria is a country in development.

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when informed that young people want to protest the collation process. “No, no, no, we’ll take it easy,” Obi retorted. when he plans to comment on the upcoming elections. LP flag bearer’s statement: “We’ll eeh at the end of the day. We don’t have high hopes for them, but now is your chance to fix a problem that has existed for a long time ” What we need to do is keep our composure and insist that this is wrong. We can only succeed in that way.” We will continue to say that this is wrong while remaining composed, tenacious, and consistent. “All we are asking for is good governance, let government care for the poor people, for those suffering. That’s all we are asking.”

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