Adamawa Re-run: Top INEC National Commissioners Receives N1.5B Bribe From Gov Fintiri

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….Moves To Hijack Collation From REC

As Adamawa REC Moves into Hiding


The Save Nigeria Movement (SNM) has again bursted last minute efforts by Gov Fintiri to truncate democracy by bribing his way through top officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) particularly involved in the N1.5b bribery bazaar are two national Commisioners ,Prof Baba Bila and
Prof Abdullahi AbduZuru both national National commisioners of the commission.

Recall the SNM had earlier exposed how Prof Kuna, an advisor to INEC Chairman Prof Mahmoud Yakubu was procured by Gov Fintiri to broker the bribery bazaar between INEC officials and Gov Fintiri, intelligence at our disposal indicate that Prof Kuna offered to broker the deal for $3M US dollars ” Of course , according to the deal, Gov Fintiri has promised to handover power to the current VC of Moddibbo Adama university who who is also doing the bidding of Gov Fintiri as a compromise for his 2027 ambition to rule the state”

The group in a statement by its director of Operations, Samuel Gyang Esq insisted it was wrong for the two National commissioners or any other official to have come from headquarters to take over the collation princess from the REC.

“What could be there motive if not to justify the billions offered by Gov Fintiri?”

” There are allegations that they just finished dinner with Gov Fintri in Yola and have been offered N500m naira each by Fintiri with a promise to give them additional N500m and a holiday in the Carribean if they declare Gov Fintri winner at all cost regardless of the actual winner.The resident Electoral Commissioner has reportedly gone into hiding ” this show of desperation by Gov Fintiri enabled by the commission top officials perhaps including the chairman Prof Mahmoud Yakubu is appalling and must not be allowed to triumph ”

The group said it had earlier alerted the public and security agencies on the shenanigans of Gov Fintiri and the cooperation he has received from INEC headquarters especially as (3) top officials involved at every stage in the bribery bazaar is coming from the Electoral Commission headquarters

“This should worry all patriots because this open demonstration of Mafian culture in running election as exemplified by the current Chairman through his fronts and top aides must be condemned”

Accordingly the organization vowed to petition president Buhari, anti corruption agencies as well as the international community to direct the chairman of the commission to do the right thing and declare the actual winner of the election; Aisha Binani who undoubtedly is the winner and will of the people of Adamawa State as our democracy is much more than any compromise”

The group vowed to take up the matter by launching a petition on change.Org calling for both local and international sanctions against INEC officials ” A Visa ban is already inevitable as we have credible evidence against each of Prof Baba Bila, Prof Abdullahi AbduZuru and Prof Kuna both top officials of the Independent National Electoral Commissioner working for Gov Fintiri.


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