Breaking: President Ousted from Office

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Breaking: President Ousted from Office.

TEC News!

One of the most popular association in Nigeria, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, NAPPS has ousted from office the National President of the Association, Chief Yomi Otubela following an attempt to elongate his tenure in office.


TEC News gathered that the National President now addressed as former has been in battle with the Board of Trustees of the Association and other concerned members in the last few weeks, thereby leading to so many petitions and resistance communiques against him.


It was reported that the crisis began when concern members led by Dr Abudulrahaman Adetunji from Kwara State led a walk out from the delegate conference organized by the ousted President when certain decisions were taken against their satisfaction that include unjust and disgraceful remover of a BOT member from the southwest, Prince Sakiru Raji and the tempering of the 2017 constitution of the Association by the ousted president.


Yomi Otubela who was voted into Office 4 years ago with the 2017 National Constitution of 4 years single term tenure decided to call for the amendment of the constitution by creating 4 years double tenure, given birth to 2023 constitution without due process, as alleged.


Speaking to an executive member in a short online interview on 21st November, 2023, the Kwara State Chairman of the Association, Dr Temitope Ajibola gave an insight to the crisis and when asked if the Association would likely be going into fraction, he assured TEC News that victory would prevent that.


“The Association will not fragment although there are already Big cracks but we are all solidly behind our BOTS and good enough, officially, Chief Otubela’s tenure ends on 22nd November 2023. If No Election takes place, even if any is purported to hold, he must handover to the BOTS and that will be a good riddance to a despotic overbearing and irrational leadership.


The BOTS called for a meeting to hold at the eve of Election and am sure the outcome will favor the future of the Progressive NAPPS of our dream” . He said.


Report reaching TEC News has it that the BOT of the Association has taken over the administration of the Association with a promise to address a press conference on Wednesday after the BOT addressed all members through a voice-recorded message promising to set up a committee to manage the Association for the next 120 days after which a proper election us expected.

As at the time this report is been compiled, the ousted President could not be reached.



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