Hoodlums attack Obi supporters in Lagos

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Some of Peter Obi’s supporters have reported hoodlum attacks in Lagos State as Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s standard bearer, left for his final rally there on Saturday.

As the supporters made their way to Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), the location of the rally, they reportedly came under attack with machetes and other weapons.

Aside from vandalized cars and buses that were allegedly used to transport supporters to the party’s various events, social media posts also showed some people who appeared to be Obi’s supporters with bruises.

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One of the other major parties in the state and its presidential candidate were blamed for the attacks.

“Obidients are bullies,” tweeted activist and Obi supporter Rinu Oduala. But one party is currently attempting to stop the LP rally in Lagos by funding thugs attacks with guns and machetes. There isn’t enough discussion of the wickedness of our “intellectuals and celebrities.”
John Skones, a different supporter, described how hoodlums allegedly blocked the road leading to TBS in an effort to thwart the rally.

“They planted the bus overnight to cause traffic at 3MB in order to deter people from attending the LP rally. They made it appear as though the bus was broken. Officials from Lastma said they received a warning not to touch it,” he said.

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While this was going on, Obi posted on Twitter about the apparent deluge of support he has received.

The Obidient Family and the LP will wrap up the state rallies in Lagos today. “Across the 36 States, it’s been a whirlwind and a very valuable experience,” he said.

“Thank you Nigerians for contributing in a positive way. The primary goal of the mission to retake Nigeria is in sight. Let’s put it into action. Nigeria must be saved now or never.

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