Stop attacks on Igbos in Lagos – IPOB begs Sanwo-Olu, Afenifere, Yoruba leaders, Gani Adams

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the Lagos State governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Afenifere leaders, and Gani Adams have all been urged to put an end to the attacks on Igbos.

The Yoruba leaders were urged by IPOB to put a stop to anyone attempting to incite an ethnic conflict in Lagos State and the Southwest as a whole.

The group bemoaned a scheme to pit Igbos and Yorubas against one another in Lagos and the Southwest.

Emma Powerful, the IPOB spokesman, urged Igbos in Lagos and the Southwest to defend themselves against all ethnic agendas in a statement.

“IPOB is urging Ndigbo and Biafrans in general resident in the Western region of Nigeria particularly in Lagos, to be very vigilant and be prepared and ready to defend themselves and their businesses against thugs and criminals if the Nigerian security apparatus is unable or unwilling to protect them,” the statement reads in part.

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“That same evil bird from the 1960s is back singing. The 2023 election was rigged by Fulani groups to pit Ndigbo against Yorubas. However, we have gained so much wisdom since then, and we sincerely hope that the Yoruba people will not follow the Fulani caliphate’s rules. The political thugs and criminals hired to terrorize and set fire to Ndigbo-owned property ought to be aware that they do not possess a monopoly on violence and should be ready to accept at least as much as they give.

“IPOB is pleading with the governor of Lagos State, Yoruba traditional leaders, their opinion shapers, politicians, and Afenifere leaders, particularly Gani Adams, to take all necessary steps to put an end to these criminals and their sponsors before a fire breaks out that will pit us against one another while the Fulani Caliphate looks on and laughs at us. These thugs must be made to stop harassing and attacking Ndigbo who are conducting their legal business in Lagos.

“The Lagos government should understand that 2023 is not 1993 and that Igbos will use all available means to defend themselves against these criminals.

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“We are requesting this in good faith so that no one wakes up the following day to report that Ndigbo are at odds with their host community.

“Before things deteriorate into dangerous and unimaginable dimensions, Yoruba land’s leaders and elders should order the criminals terrorizing Igbos and their sponsors to stop. Leaders and Traditional Heads of Igbo should address their Yoruba counterparts on an equal basis. Nobody should be held accountable for Ndigbo and the youths’ defense of themselves against an agenda of poverty and racial cleansing.


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